Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Minecraft and Minibus

Well, we WERE going to be doing some more about the Chinese new year this week, but there's been something much more exciting happening.....we bought a minibus!!
We're going to be converting it into a campervan!
We collected it on wednesday and we all love it, even though we just plodded all the way down the A1 doing 55 miles an hour. I was a bit nervous about driving it at first, I shouldn't have been, I've driven lots of vans in the past, big ones too when I worked as a gardener, the biggest being a huge Iveco van pulling a big trailer, I managed quite well with it then, even got pretty good at reversing the trailer around! So it didn't take me long to get used to this van.We are going to have so much fun in it!

Our first outing was to Woodside Animal Farm, we've been there once before and Alex said he wanted to go back, so we did. They had a tracter ride, a play in the indoor soft play area, and handled some of the animals. Amelia had no fear of the animals at all and expecially liked the feeding the slightly(understatement..) over-enthusiastic goats, even when they accidently nibbled her fingers she didn't seem to mind, she seems to have an affinity with animals. She's maybe a bit too entusiastic about them because when the man brought out an Eagle owl during the hands on session, Amelia went running over to it and spooked it so the man had to keep us all very calm and quite until the owl had settled down again! Jamie got to hold a Bearded Dragon and a Chinchilla, Alex only held the Chinchilla (which he fell in love with), he wouldn't hold the Bearded Dragon because it was "too spikey".

(I apologise for the terribly quality of the photos here :/)

The day before that we actually made it to craft club! It's been ages since we've been because Jamie is nervous about going there, but Alex and Amelia wanted to go, so she had to go too. Jamie sat around while Alex and Amelia made some lovely insects.

After Craft club we drove all the way to meet up with some new friends, it sort of went horribly wrong though because we drove in our old rubbish car that was dying, we didn't have any heating and it was very cold outside, in fact, there was snow everywhere, so by the time we got to the park, the children were freezing, and didn't appreciate being at the park at all! It was lovely to make new friends though, if somewhat briefly!

After a weekend of trying out the new minibus and showing it off to our family, Jamie has been learning about prehistory today. She's written up a timeline showing how life started and evolved on the planet. She also drew some diagrams of different types of fossils and has given a short desription of each one.
Jamie has also told me that she'd like to be a clothes designer and has drawn up some designs of dresses.

Jamie has worked really hard at this project, all of her own choosing,
she came downstairs really pleased with herself saying that she learnt it all at home on her own
and she never would've learnt about this at school!

Some of Jamies dress designs.

As for Alex.....yes, you guessed it - Minecraft.
He would quite happily play it all day, with short intervals of trampolining in between! he plays it until someone gets annoyed that he's hogging the TV,  or after 2 hours, because then I say he needs a break, and he just saves his game and goes for a mega bounce. His world he's created is amazing! it's like a crazy 3D maze that he knows off by heart and its amazing watching him, he is so quick, he's like a machine and he knows exactly what he's doing. When I play it (when I get the chance!), I'll do something, then I think "...hmm..what shall i do next? hmmm....oh! I know....." but when Alex plays it, it's like he can't get it all done quick enough, buzzing around. I played alongside him today and I only had to say "looks like we need a ladder here" and he's done it, sorted it already! You can also see into his mind a bit watching him play, it's really interesting! He's also figured out how to do loads of the crafting through experimenting, theres a tutorial that teaches you how to mine and craft and farm and breed animals and all sorts, but he doesn't bother reading any of the instructions, so everything he's learnt is through discovery, which I think is really cool.

Yesterday we visited grandad, he taught Jamie a new word -  onomatopoeia! a word that spells out a sound!

Today we went round a home ed friends house for a play date, Alex was delighted to see they had a trampoline, Jamie made a new friend and Amelia ate lots of chocolate cookies!  We all had a lovely time :)

Tomorrow is another busy day, Jamie has another play date, then we're meeting another home ed family for a walk around the park, hopefully the weather will stay nice!

I went jogging for the first time this morning! I'm determined to get fit!

Right, I'm off to play minecraft...er,I mean....watch the news.............................

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