Friday, 12 October 2012

Swimming and Sore Losing

Blogging on a friday night.....I'll try and make this quick....

Still having a better time!

Yesterday was a pretty good day, I had a really good chat with Jamie about allsorts of things, starting off with her walking around with her eyes shut and wondering what it would be like to have never seen what anything looks like. So we talked about how blind people use their other senses to help them figure out the world around them. Jamie made the observation that if you felt an object with your hands that you already knew what it looked like you'd use your memory to see it in your head, but if you'd never seen it before, you'd have to guess. So we talked about how you could use your hearing to feel things around you from the echoes and how sounds feels, even if you just silently move your hand past an ear. Which got me talking about the Star-nosed Mole, with its little super sensitive 'fingers' on it's nose feeling all around it's environment,building an image in it's head of what things look like. We found some footage of a star-nosed mole and found out that it can actually hunt underwater and blows a bubble, then sucks it back in to smell for food! Jamie thought it was disgusting!
That somehow got Jamie talking about how insects and spiders can crawl up a wall, so we talked about how their feet have tiny little hooks that hook onto all the tiny little bumps on the wall, and I showed her some images of a gecko's feet under a microscope, how many TINY little hairs and hooks it has to hook onto TINY bumps and crevices on glass.

Then Jamie and Alex set up shop in the livingroom, they wanted REAL money for their things, Alex had completey over-priced his - £10 for a jigsaw!!! Even Jamies was too pricey for me, £1 for a Mr Men book!, I said I only had 50p to spend at each shop (yes I know, but I'm skint!) Alex decided to lower his prices(quite a lot) and I bought a toy Pterodactyl, but Jamie refused to lower her prices, until she saw that Alex was quite happy that he'd made some money, so she went upstairs and found something that she didn't mind selling for 50p - a My Little Pony......

Jamie also read some stories to Alex, which I thought was really sweet...

Jamie and I worked out a weekly plan of what she's like to do. She'd like to do a science experiment once a week, go on a nature hunt, she's like to choose a different book each week to talk about and do activities based on the book. I asked Alex what he'd like to do, he said swimming, and go to the park!

Alex was mostly playing Skylanders...........

Today, we went swimming with my mum!! Jamie very excited about it, but Alex who WAS really excited, for some reason decided that he wasn't going to go swimming, so I said he should take his swimming shorts anyway just incase he changed his mind. We got in the swimming pool paying school prices which was great! Alex, still didn't want to go swimming when everyone was getting changed, but I said to Alex that I couldn't leave him in the changing room, so he'd have to come with us, and he also agreed that if he had his shorts on, he could still go swimming if he changed his mind, and he actually did it, he had to get dressed in the toilets, but he did it! he kept his t-shirt on though. When we were at the poolside, he decided that he'd give it ago, he did kind of have fun, but would not put his head near the water, which is really strange as before he was mad splashing around everywhere, but, after being on that Dyspraxia course, I've learnt that his sensivities can go up and down and all over the place, so maybe he was feeling particulary sensitive to the water today. I'm so glad I went on that course, it really helps me to understand him.

Jamie and Amelia had a brilliant time, none of them had any armbands on or anything again, which was quite nerve wracking when Amelia got her confidence and started throwing herself around everywhere! Jamie spent most of her time with my mum, she was trying to teach Jamie how to swim, which is weird because I taught my mum to swim!

And this evening, after Alex had finally spent the last of his savings on Skylanders (Voodood and Flameslinger this time) he put the Wii on, it's been packed away for ages because we all thought it was broken, but it wasn't! so there was loads more excitement, Jamie went mad because Alex beat her on bowling, and Alex was finding the controls really difficult on all the other games, but he sees it as a challenge and told me that he loves the Wii. At least its a change from Skylanders!!!!

PHEW! that's it! I'm off!

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