Tuesday, 16 October 2012

thinking thinking thinking.....

I've not been blogging much because I've had SO much to think about these last few days, I've been learning A LOT about Radical Unschooling, realising that I'm really heading that way, and always have been, my children are teaching me that I need to do it this way, but I'm still getting my head around it!
For those interested to learn more, there's a brilliant website that I've been reading from a lot lately, called Joyfully Rejoicing. I'd read the bit about the learning side to it months ago, but now I get all of the other part of it, about bringing it into all aspects of life for my family. It just makes so much sense to me.

So while I think about it and gather my thought properly, I'll fill you in a little........we went to craft club today (briefly-we were late!) Jamie did another fossil plaster cast, Alex made another pop-cup and I made a cool plaster cast of Amelia's hand :) And then we went Bowling, we had a great time, Alex discovered arcade games and LOVES them!! He loved playing 'Super Bikes 2' where he had to sit on a motorbike and tilt it side to side to steer and did loads of crashes and stunts. he screamed pretty much the whole time! It was just his sort of thing!
I'll edit this blog post tomorrow, there's so much more I want to say, and more photos to stick on, but it's getting late again.

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