Friday, 11 January 2013

A week full of surprises.

This week has been full of surprises! Alex all of a sudden decided he would clean and tidy his room! that was 3 days ago and whats more shocking is that it's STILL TIDY!!!! So I helped Jamie tidy her room (actually I did most of it, she just managed to get distracted by everything, conveniently...) and after both their rooms were tidy, they had so much fun, at last, having all that space to play in!
Another shocker - Jamie and Alex have been getting on REALLY well! They're co-operating and sharing and doing nice things for each other! Jamie even showed Alex  how to do a clapping game!
And, we made Casserole for dinner tonight, and they all sat there happily munching away on it rather than moaning and saying they hate it!! (I have been doing dinners differently lately, letting the 3 of them choose what they want - out of a few choices, its better than trying to make one meal that all of us will like - which is really hard!)
AND - to top it all off, just this evening, Jamie helped Alex find some baby moshlings on Moshling Zoo, and Alex was so happy, he yelled from the top of the stairs - "THANK YOU! YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD FRIEND!!"  I am happily flabbergasted! :)

We went to a lovely little home ed meet up today, a play session, all three of them enjoyed running around having cushion fights, painting, playing with sand and generally messing around, it was for younger kids really, just right for Amelia, but Alex and Jamie loved it too!

This week the 'Squishy Human Body' arrived in the post, it's pretty gross,but really cool. You open up the person and can take out the internal organs and they're all squishy and slimy, you get a pair of tweezers to pick them out and match them up on the chart, and it comes with a book explaining how the body works. Jamie immediately took a liking to the brain and made up loads games with it, Alex did a very..erm... odd thing with the heart and the kidneys...he made a tower out of lego to keep them in, it's more like a tomb.....

notice the heart at the bottom and the kidneys at the top....

and with the door closed.(we were talking about symmetry and now Alex likes to build 
symmetrical buildings)

Alex asked if he could get an animal to dissect...he means a pretend one....hmmm, it's a bit weird but I bet surgeons were into that kind of thing when they were little....

Anyway, he's some pics of some of the things they've been up to :)

 There's been lots of 'zoo making'

"Welcome to our zoo!"

 Squishy Human Body!
 More Lego building

 At the play session

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