Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Story So Far.....

I was having the mother of all wobbles. I had so many thoughts popping around my head; thoughts from other people; thoughts from me. So many doubts (it really didn't help that I was having another pmdd attack!) It all started I think because I'm having the Elective Home Eduction Officer coming round(still haven't seen her, it was postponed because of the weather), she is on my side, but it still made me scrutinise the way we home school, and with other home ed friends talking about the different ways to home ed, I was feeling confused and lost.

But now I'm not :)

I thought I'd start from the beginning (this is for my own benefit more than anything) :

I took Alex out of school because he simply couldn't handle it. There was nothing the teachers could've done to help him, he would've been better if I had been able to come to school with him, but that wouldn't have solve it. So I took him out of school, Alex having almost immediate relief. Then, getting to know Alex better and realising that there was more to him than I ever realised, I took at least, the next 9 months learning all about him and what makes him tick (or not tick as is sometimes the case!) and I've only just finally figured him out, although I wont ever know everything!
During that 9 months, Jamie was getting more and more unhappy with school, with the lack of freedom and lack of choice, so it was only natural for her to join me and Alex(and Amelia).
But because Jamie had been pushed(and pushed herself) to be the best and stay the best - not saying she WAS the best but she was in the top group and felt the pressures of being there, and that took, and is still taking, a long time to come out of her. She's only now just realising that its ok to not be good at something straight away. So Jamie is still deschooling I think.

And all this time I have been learning. Learning about all the different ways of home educating children, trying to find a style that suits us, and having just spent over a year learning about Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and letting Jamie deschool and letting all three of them get used to being around eachother most of the time, I can now, put my proper attention to HOME EDUCATION!!

I feel like we're only just starting out!

It all makes perfect sense now, I can stop panicking, we're doing OK, and it's about to get even better!

We made lap-books today, it was great! I decided that I'd just get on and do my own lapbook, and within seconds, Alex wanted to make one, moments after that, Jamie wanted to make one too!

 busy at work...

Jamie's one (unfinished)
She spent a long time colouring it in beautifully, and has since done more
for the inside...

Alex's one...front cover...

Alex's inside, he's got crazy stories about Skylanders that I helped him write
he did most of the writing and drawings :)
My one, front cover...
My one inside (unfinished) 
the printer was for some reason only printing in black and white
so my one looks a bit dull :( lol


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