Wednesday, 30 January 2013

KIDZ at Aldenham

We spent the day at KIDZ at Aldenham today, it took me about 45 minutes to get there and it's a really lovely place. I took some photos and thought I'd show all my home ed friends in case they'd like to come to,it's made with SEN children in mind but any children can come, we're organising monthly visits, my three didn't want to leave! :)

 This is a sensory soft play room..

 the different coloured squares change things when pressed...

 a little starry cave :)

 Outside in the main room...

 The main room, different tables for different activities, theres
a big painting table and a foosball table in the background :)
and in the far corner is a lovely reading room with bean bags and 

 I know Amelia's head blurred, she was swinging from side to side!
this was an amazing sensory room....

 there's four of me!

 This room was very chilled, there's an interactive projection 
on the floor, changing between keyboard, drums, and the planets..

and nice comfy sofas :)


  Lots of fun, there were also lots of other bits but I forgot to take 
pictures of them! lots of musical things and wobbly mirrors!

 This is the lake right next to KIDZ...

it's very big! next time we're going to investigate it further :)

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