Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Blackboards and Crazy Coconuts

Gonna have to do another quickie tonight, at least try to, Alex is going for his assesment for suspected Aspergers tomorrow with the CDC and I found out today that they may not have all my notes I made a while back so I have to write them all down again!
I'm a little bit excited,  a bit nervous, Alex is fine with it so far, I said it will probably be a bit like his speech sessions and he really enjoyed those, so he's ok about it.

After a couple of days of doing lots of work sheets, today was quite a lazy day, had the shopping delivered and I tell you, they dont get as excited at Christmas as they do when the shopping gets delivered! Alex was out in the street in his PJ's shouting "He's here! he's here!!"

Last night was brilliant. The kids nan (my would-be-mother-in-law) came over to bring our washing round (we've not had a washing machine for 2 weeks's starting to get a bit grim...) and she was a bit shocked when I first told her that I'd be taking Jamie out of school, she's always been quite interested in the childrens education, and I think she thought I was possibly making a mistake. So one of the first conversations she had with Jamie was about school, she asked - "And what have you been learning?" All of a sudden workbooks went flying everywhere, reading books came out, Nana was getting bombarded from left and right with all the work they've been doing, all the things they've made at craft club and at home, and they even started doing more worksheets and reading there and then! I couldn't of asked for a better reply to that question!

We went to craft club yesterday and they made chalk boards! which I think her brilliant, Alex and Jamie have used them loads, what a brilliant idea Heather! They both drilled holes in the wood for hanging them up themselves using a hand drill, sanded all the edges down to make them smooth, then painted them with blackboard paint, so that was brilliant for them to do a bit of woodwork too!

Jamie has seen her two best friends this week, they've not seen each other for about 3 weeks and they were getting on as if nothing had changed, there was me thinking that they'd be talking about school, about what they've been learning.....yeah right! they were just messing around and having fun! I was the one asking all of the school questions!

Amelia has finally decided that she'll let me read to her! she always loves books, but didn't want me reading them to her because she always wanted to keep turning the pages too quickly, or go backwards, but now, she gets a book, comes and sits next to me and says "read please" and she'll sit and listen to the whole book!
She's also got to that point where she wants to do everything herself, including her own seat belt in the car, which she can't do yet but if I don't let her at least try it for 5 minutes she gets so upset!

OK, I still didn't write what I was going to write about the other day, I've been learning about attachment parenting and I'm trying to get my head around how it works in older children, I have a few books to read, but I'll gather my thoughts and get it in a blog at some point!

  Jamie sanding down her board
 The finished blackboards!
(I should've taken more pics but I was really tired and not with it!)

 Alex made a funny man from a coconut!

Amelia sussed out how to put a train track together, she loves trains :)

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