Friday, 21 September 2012

what a week!

I've not had one full nights sleep ALL week and now it's finally starting to get to me!
My house is even more of a mess, but at least we got our new washing machine tonight!
It's got an awful lot to catch up on, I'll been washing and drying and putting away for a long time....

Alex had is initial assesment meeting with the CDC yesterday, it went pretty well, they are going to go ahead with the testing now, they said he had enough 'quirkiness to warrant further investigation'.
I just want to gather as much information about him as I can, and I'd like to get an experts opinion, although, I'm not sure what I feel about how having a diagnosis will stay with him or how it will affect things for him in the future, thats something i'm mulling over now.

Alex has been Skylanders MAD again! He's determined to do the whole game all on his own from the beginning again, I can't wait til he's finished, it seems to be on a lot, I do tell him to turn it off after a while because other people live here and we don't all want to hear Skylanders for hours and hours!

I'm going to have to go now because Alex has just decided he wants to do some more of his work sheets, and needs my help, maths this time! I have to let him do it whenever he wants to do it, even if it is nearly half nine at night, this is when he'll actually properly learn it, and it will stick, because he's willing and 'in the zone' :)

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