Monday, 17 September 2012


Jamie woke me up this morning after a not very good sleep - Amelia was crying, she cried when i put her in my bed with me, then cried when i put her back in her bed, then she kept crying when i put her back in my bed, then  she pointed to go downstairs, so i took her downstairs, and she went straight to the snails tank, looked at them, smiled, then wanted to go back in her own bed and slept til morning! Did she have a bad dream about the snails?? Anyway, Jamie wanted some help with her maths worksheets, so I gave myself ten minutes and a cup of Rooibos to wake up, and we went through some maths problems. They were quite tricky problems -especially since she's still really new to division-like £39 divided into 4 people, she's nearly nailed it, it did start to get a bit confusing for her, but she'd done loads already and her concentration was slipping at this point, so I suggested that she go and have a break from it, and try again later. She did try it again later and she's starting to get it more, just needs prompting with the method, think I'll right it down for her, step by step.

Alex has been doing so much reading still, he's not read to me for ages, he reads to himself, so I'd like to hear him read at some point to see how he's doing. He's also really got into Skylanders again, he went absolutely crazy the other day because he managed to beat the big baddie right on the end level all by himself! quite a feat because it's really hard even when I'm helping him! So he's had a big confidence boost about it and now wants to do it again and again!

Yesterday was quite cool. My partner had a huge hangover because he drank way too much at a party he didn't want to go to, so he spent the most of the day on the sofa and he and Jamie watched the film 'Capricorn One', Jamie really got into it. I was busy in the kitchen making soup and lunches so missed most of it but it was really nice to see Jamie spend a bit of time with her dad (Alex wasn't interested at all and took the opportunity to have the whole garden to himself.
Then the both of them watched 'The Fifth Element', which I did manage to see some of :)
Then in a crazy impulse, at half 5 we decided to forget about dinner and go for a walk around those really cool woods at Mardley Heath again, which was really good fun, going on the rope swing again and climbing through the crazy tree roots, it's just the best place.
And even MORE craziness, we got home and cooked a roast dinner! so dinner was rather late in the end, but it was OK because we dont have to worry about school anymore!

I was going to write more in this blog tonight but Jamie has just had me upstairs helping her with her English workbook!
So I'm going to grab whats left of the evening and hopefully write what I was going to say tomorrow!

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