Sunday, 23 September 2012

Growing and Changing

I've really noticed how Alex is changing and growing.
His confidence in himself is growing. He seems very happy and comfortable with himself and it's so amazing to see because it's a huge change from the extremely anxious and stressed out little boy he was not even a year ago. He's really becoming himself and I'm really enjoying getting to know him more and look forward to seeing how he'll grow.

I'm realising also, that Jamie NEEDS some guidance, whether it's because she's so used to being told what to do at school or what, but I realised because after saying that I wasn't going to make her go to bed at any particular time - trusting her to judge her own bedtimes, she actually, most of the time, still calls down and asks " is it time for bed?" and I can tell she WANTS to be told when she should go to bed. I'm not sure again, if thats because she's so used to being told, but for now I think she needs a little guiding, so when she asks if it's time for bed, I just say yes, and she happily goes off to bed.

 SO, thinking along those lines, I suggested some projects that she could research, which she has gladly taken on.
The first ones are, Samhain, (I thought I'd stick to relevent ones!) and The Gunpowder Plot.
I suggested that along with learing about Guy Fawkes that we get some fireworks and make a Guy to burn as well, do a traditional fireworks night!
We went out and I let her choose her own 'project book' (I've got one for Alex as well should he decide to join in) and she has already made a start finding out about The Gunpowder Plot, which I'm enjoying too because I love history!

Alex has been doing loads of worksheets still, he even got out his maths workbook and said, "I LOVE this one!!"
He's actually really good at maths, he works the answers out quicker than me a lot of the time!

So it's all good at the mo :)

p.s.  I had a little epiphany the other night, I was watching 'Later with Jools Holland'  and I think it was KT Turnstall's debute on the show and she did this fantastic song where she had an acoustic guitar and as she played, she recorded bits on a little gadget, which repeated and made up the backing vocals and stuff (sorry, don't know much about music!) anyway, she basically recorded it, as she did it, as part of her song and it was really cool to watch, and it made me realise, that she followed her love of music, she did what fired her passions and that's what I have to help my children to do, I know it sounds so COMPLETELY obvious, and I did know it before, but watching her performing, I dont know, something just clicked into place. I just just need to be there for them, try to provide what they need to follow their passions and they'll find their path, wherever that leads them.


  1. That KT Tunstall video is amazing, it inspired me too a while ago. I love music and it made me realise you don't need a band or backing music, just some patience and a bit of passion! I forget the name of that box she uses to record the loops, my friend has one of them (always fancied getting one - maybe when I get round to learning the guitar properly!) Great idea on the guy for bonfire night, I might join you on that one!

  2. Lol, I showed the video of KT tunstall to Jamie and she was not impressed! I think she can't like anything I like, that'd be way too uncool...
    And I kinda feel a bit sorry for Guy Fawkes lol