Friday, 28 September 2012


just thought I'd give you a little update -

The last two days have been another real revelation for me.

As you may or may not know, I've been finding life a bit hard recently, and I've managed to get myself some CBT, which is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. After having my first session, which was just a kind of introduction really, I was given a book to read through and fill in and I wondered just how this could help me. But it's started making me aware of my thoughts and I've discovered a few things about myself!
I realise that I need routine quite badly, and I have my own little rituals that I like to do, and when I can't do them I get stressed! I didn't even notice that before!! I just reacted without thinking.

And when I'm under stress, I can't cope with dis-order and my own organisation skills go out the window.

Also, I'm letting Jamie stress me out a lot as she is really defiant, we have at least 2-3 big rows a day!! but not the last two days though because she's not been very well and stayed in bed most of the time and I feel amazingly LESS stressed!! and her and Alex fighting - that really stresses me too.

So that's given me something to go on, to figure out how to get around these triggers of my low moods.

It has coincided with me reading a book called 'Siblings Without Rivalry', about how you can help brothers and sisters feel better about each other and get on better, which is just what I need to hear right now, especially while things are a bit quieter, I can actually take time to absorb the information and it's really going in there! There's also bits in the book that I know I'm already doing and have always done which has made me feel that I'm not doing everything wrong all the time!

Also, today, I went to the first of four sessions with the Occupational Therapist about Alex maybe having Dyspraxia, it was for parents only and it was really good! It all makes perfect sense now, about how some of his senses are under-sensitive, and some are over-sensitive and how it can change around from one day to the next, it explains a lot of his behavior and I'm really glad I went, I'm pretty sure thats whats going on, and I'm pretty sure it's Aspergers too, he's a mix of both, so now I can understand where he's coming from and why, and it all makes perfect sense.

So it's all happened at the right time.

Meanwhile, Alex is STILL into Skylanders, he's turning it into a ritual, he resets the characters and builds them up, then starts all over again, when he's not playing it, he doesn't know what to do......not sure if I need to try to intervene and find him something else, or just wait and let him do what he needs to do. He's still doing maths and reading and lots of trampolining, so it's not like he's just staring at the screen all day.

And Amelia is turning into a mini Alex more and more everyday, and her confidence growing, I see another little highly spirited one in the family!

Speaking of which, it's her 2nd birthday on Sunday and I've got a Tree Fu Tom cake to make tomorrow :)

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