Wednesday, 26 September 2012


It's been hectic (again) the last few days, this isn't going to be a proper blog tonight because I might actually get chance to have an evening - Jamie is watching a dvd, Alex is watching a 'times table adventure' dvd, which is something I bought AGES ago thinking it might get watched, and now because Alex has realised that he is actually quiet clever, he's giving it a go and loves it! It's the first time he's done any multiplication, he loves repeating numbers so I think he'll do really well with it - just remembered, his new thing he does, usually in the car, is to ask how long it will take to get somewhere, or to get something etc, then we say 10 minutes, or whatever and then he'll say "so how much do I need to count up to?" so we say, "count to 60, 10 times, but not really quickly" and he does it! He did that all the time when we were on holiday, he was constantly counting in the did get slightly annoying after a while! but then he leant to do it in his head :)
Jamie has done some writing up about the 'Gunpowder plot', she looked it up on the laptop, read about it, then wrote it out in her own words - first time she's done anything like that- and she did very well.
Today she was learning about Samhain and then paganism, which caught her attention, then Wicca, which REALLY grabbed her attention! a friend sent me a link to a Wiccan website for children where it tells you all about the Pagan celebrations, how to analyze your dreams, how to make sleepbags and all sorts if herbal things that Jamie loved!

we went to Craft club yesterday which Jamie loves, they made castles - photos to follow - Jamie really got into hers, and I'm really glad she loves craft club, maybe I need to find another club as well though for them both...

Alex has just come down to read out the 2, 3 and 4 times table to me!! I've also just given him the multiplication square poster that was being ignored on the wall and he's gone counting crazy!

It really goes to show that just leaving him to do things in his own time, he's taking it upon himself to learm these things!

Alex has sped way ahead of Jamie on his sticker chart, which is quite crazy as it was him the one that hated doing worksheets, and Jamie was always the one for doing that sort of thing.

I had a chat with Jamie earlier, because she thinks that she's not learning because we don't do 'lessons' (possibly still needing to de-school me thinks), so I explained to her about how she can just do whatever she wants to do, follow her interests, and that I'll give her  projects for her to choose what to learn about, to introduce her to all sorts of things and she can see what she likes the sound of, she understood, so now it's opened up a whole new world for all of us, because I've got to find things for her to investigate, which will take us to new places....even more of a reason to get my head sorted!!

(I had my first CBT some homework to do...)

We're going to a Roald Dahl afternoon tomorrow, should be cool, Jamie LOVES Roald Dahl's books, her favourite is 'The Witches'.

Home education is really changing for my family at the moment, Jamie is still trying to get her head around it, it's supposed to take about 1 month for every year they've been at school for the effects of school to wear off, Jamie was at school for 3 years, 4 if you include nursery, and then she has to find her feet as well, it's really interesting seeing the changes....

So much for 'not a proper blog'!!

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