Monday, 10 September 2012

A wonderful Week in Wales :)

We had such a brilliant time in Wales!
And we were so lucky we had the best weather all week, it was only a little drizzly on the sunday morning, and sunny and clear the rest of the time!
We did LOADS of things. We tried to cram in as much fun as possible into the week.
We went up to the top of Mount Snowdon, in a train (which we very nearly missed, we had to run down the road and were still late but amazingly the train had been unusually delayed!) I was quite scared at the top of the mountain, there wasn't that much room and Alex was quite excited and liked disappearing around the corner out of sight! But it was amazing to look out and see the other mountains and hills around and know that we were taller than all of them, and to see a few wispy clouds hugging the side of the mountain beneath us.
We went to a Himalayan fairtrade exhibition where Jamie bought a 'singing bowl' out of quite a few to choose from, she chose the one that 'sang' in her hand - reminded me of Harry Potter when he got his wand lol (I bought a gorgeous warm hand-made jumper!)
We went to Caernarfon Castle, which Alex absolutely LOVED and quite terrifyingly, kept running off and tearing up the twisty stone spiral towers right to the top which was VERY high! He kept saying "I love this place!"
We went on a boat trip around the Menai Straits, which is the bit of sea that goes between mainland Wales and the Isle of Anglesey.
We spent quite a bit of time on Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey where Jamie and Alex collected lots of shells and saw little fish and crabs and Alex found a sea urchin, and we saw lots of different types of sea bird like Oyster Catchers, and Curlews and Great Black-Backed Gull and some Herons.
We went for a walk up the big rocky hill that we could see from our cottage.
We went for a walk around the bottom of snowdon, Alex has found something that he LOVES doing - rock climbing! he was brilliant at it and loved it, he just had to climb every rock and boulder he found, his confidence was amazing! So I'll be looking into seeing what I can do for him back here......
We went to a butterfly park and mini zoo type thing, the butterflies were so cool, and because everyone was back at school, we got the whole big bouncy castle all to ourselves for as long as we wanted! I managed to do some somersaults too!
We went to a hill that had standing stones, hut circles, burnt mounds and a cairn circle from the bronze age, it was lovely there and had a lovely view of snowdon.
And we went for an evening walk across Menai Bridge, which joins mainland Wales to Anglesey, and watched the sunset - another scarey experience as it was VERY high and close to the road and a bit windy, but a fantastic view!

It was sad to have to leave the mountains, I'll miss them.

When I got back I started feeling a bit low again, I think my house is really getting me down, so I have the dilemma to either really give it a good try at sorting it all out myself even though the children are here all the time, in the hope that it'll get done relatively quickly and then I can get back to having some proper fun with the kids, OR do I just chip away at it little by little whilst still having a bit of fun with the children??....... and while I'm trying to decide this life keeps ticking away.....i really need a life coach or something....
I got an appointment for the Cognitive Behavior Therapy people today, hopefully they'll be able to help me sort things out in my head.

This morning I had to de-register Jamie from the junior school she's supposed to be going to today!
I asked her a few days ago if she was sure about not going to school, it being her last chance, she gave me this look of disbelief, and said "why would I want to go to school???"

I also set out some work sheets for them to do, Jamie wanted to do some, she did all of them so quickly! it was some multiplication and division, it was the first time she's done division and she picked it up straight away. She also did some literacy too, zipped through it really fast making me think I'll have to give her a bit more tomorrow! Alex normally does what Jamie does, so I set him up a couple of pages to do just in case he wanted to do some too,  it was fractions, he first had to colour in the half or the quarter/s of some shapes, which he had no problem figuring it out, but when it came to writing down what the fractions were, he started complaining and didn't want to do it, he knew the answers, just didn't want to write it down. I'm thinking that it's because he finds writing quite difficult...........or boring!

He was up til nearly midnight last night reading though!

Jamie even got out her maths book this evening after dinner and did a few pages, then started writing a story but became too tired, so stopped.

I'm really gutted at the moment because I'm going on a course about dyspraxia which just happens to be on at the same time as craft club, but I'm really lucky because my mum has offered to take the children to it while I go! I'm so pleased they wont be missing out, but I'm gutted because it's a chance for me to have a little chat with some other home ed friends, which I haven't seen since before the summer holidays :(
It's only 4 weeks though so I'll get there eventually!

OK, I got to play Badminton this evening, first time in ages and it was really good fun, so now I'm feeling quite relaxed and content...for I'll stick on some pics from the holiday and go have a rest :)
I'll stick on the ones of us at the top of Snowdon tomorrow as they are on my partners phone, my phone died halfway up :( 

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