Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bugs, the universe and everything

Today was one of those warm, sticky days that feels like a storm should be brewing, I like days like today.
This morning after dropping Jamie off at school (18 days to go), we stopped by the park to let Alex do his bit of spinning and crashing and falling - stuntman style - I bumped into a friend there and had a good chat with her, we managed to get our big bums on the baby swings, felt like a couple of teenagers!  
Alex is still really loving his bug tank, and as soon as we got home, he was studying the dozen or so woodlice, slugs and snails that he put in there yesterday.

After lunch (and after Alex had poured a bucket of water over himself for some inexplicable reason!) we met up with some home ed friends at Ivel springs nature reserve. We decided to do a survey of what bugs we saw. We recorded what bugs we saw, what habitat it was in at the time, and how many - except the ants and flies, I just wrote 'lots'. Alex learnt about the symbiotic relationship between ants and aphids as we saw some on a Burdock.

It was a really lovely walk, we made some new friends and although Alex still didn't join in with the other children when they were playing, he was quite happy to talk to them about what bugs had been found.

More snails were found after picking Jamie up from school and when we got home, Jamie checked up on her clutch of ladybird eggs she found the other day and we were both surprised to see that they had hatched! So we found some aphids to put in there for the larvae to feed on, not sure if they'll turn into ladybirds though, I know nothing about rearing ladybirds! Also our butterfly kit has arrived, just need to wait for the caterpillars now and hopefully in a few weeks, we'll see our own butterfly's emerging!

Just as I was saying goodnight to Jamie she told me she had some questions to ask. She wanted to know  why fish eggs are different to frogs eggs. We talked about DNA, evolution, Dinosaurs, Christianity, the bible and Jerusalem. She discussed why some people believe in god and others don't, she explained that she thinks it's OK for people to have different beliefs and even though she doesn't believe in God she finds it interesting listening to one of her christian teachers talk about what she thinks. We talked about near death experiences too. Very full-on surprise conversation! I LOVE it when that happens :)

p.s. Amelia learnt to bounce on her bum and back up again on the trampoline!! YAY!!

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