Friday, 22 June 2012


We've been really busy the last 3 days, what with the dentist on wednesday, I had a 2 hours with an Aspergers and ADHD help for parents session, which always makes me feel quite overwhelmed, not only with all to do with Alex, but also myself.
I unfortunately had to do the weekly shop this morning, all because I forgot to order it online, but Alex only kicked me once, so it wasn't that bad. We had a good maths conversation in the queue because I'd bought Alex some omega 3 chewy capsules(recommended to me that he have them), I've been told to give him 2 a day, and there were 30 in the pot and Alex was trying to work out how long they would last, we used division (30 divided by 2) which obviously made 15, and we added the two 15's together in 3 different ways to add back up to 30, and we counted in 2's up to 30 so he realised that having 2 a day would last 15 days, and then we'd have to buy more(he loves numbers).
This afternoon we learnt all about Indian Meal Moths.................I finally decided to clear out the cupboard that I keep all my flour and baking stuff in, I must ashamedly admit that its been....quite a while since I last sorted it out......NEVER AGAIN will I leave it for so long next time!! there were quite a few moths, and a few of their caterpillars....Alex took a great interest in it though, and collected them all in a jar! he wants to see them turn into moths.
We looked online to find out information about them and each female can lay up to 400 eggs!!
I told Alex I'd order one of those butterfly kits so he can see nice butterfly's hatch out, rather than (yucky) Indian Meal moths, he was really pleased with that idea :)

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