Sunday, 24 June 2012

Just a quickie..

OK, because I've already posted today I'll keep this short.
This weekend, we've had conversations about Japan and sushi, China being the most populated country in the world, Venus and Mars (which is closest to the sun), the exchange of gases that takes place when you have plants in your house, why you can't release non-native animals into the wild, the possibilities of why there was a dead rat in our garden, amongst other things.
Jamie was learning how to make harmonies using multiple keys on the keyboard quite a lot, the both of them put on a show for us called 'The Funny Show' - this was after Alex called us all up to see his show and then realised that he hadn't actually thought of what to do on his show, then I explained that normally you do lots of planning and rehearsals beforehand, so he got some help from Jamie and they called us up about 20 minutes later. Alex made about twenty new snail friends and yet again got completely filthy playing in the garden. They've gone to bed now and Jamie is reading 'The Wishing Chair' to Alex.
And I've been incredibly busy all weekend catching up on jobs and now I think I deserve a big bar of chocolate! :)

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