Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Craft club!! (no insects were harmed during the making of this blog)

Alex actually wanted to go to craft club today!! that's the first time since taking him out of school that he's actually wanted and looked forward to going to an indoor club :)
I told him last night that it was on today, and he said he'd like to go, and I was expecting him to change his mind by the time it came to it, but he didn't!
The topic for this weeks session was 'insects' and there were lots of materials and bits and bobs for making whatever insect you wanted, and Heather the lady running it, is brilliant and full of tips and ideas and advice. Alex chose to do a butterfly -

Alex was a bit reluctant at first (there were about maybe 9 other children - maybe more there too) and he needed a bit of help, but he was doing really well until he realised that the doors to the garden were open and that was it then, I knew it was all over.......I had to finish it off because all he wanted to do then was play in the garden. And it was a really nice day, he and Amelia had fun looking for bugs, climbing on the railings and trying to climb the trees, Alex was SOOO tempted to join in with a game of  'it' with another boy but couldn't quite pluck up enough courage. oh, and the dead baby blackbird caused quite a bit of interest! I thought it was quite sweet when Alex said it had gone to heaven, not so sweet when Amelia poked it in the eye.....

Later on Alex tried some experiments....we were clearing weeds around the strawberry patch, very tall weedy weeds, weeds I should've pulled out ages ago, Alex was looking for bugs again and found a black ants nest and a red ants nest quite close to each other, so he had an idea to scoop up a load of red ants and stick them on the black ants nest, thinking that a huge tiny fight would break out! to my relief and Alex's disappointment they didn't fight, although the black ants did go into a frenzy, they still didn't attack the smaller red ants. I painstakingly scooped up all the red ants and put them all back in their own nest...

The other experiment I found out a bit later, Alex had decided to put some plasticine on his lamp(the plastic bit at the top) and turn it on,and then go and forget about it, to see what would happen when the plasticine gets hot.
NOT a good idea! It turned really soft and sticky and liquid was coming out of it YUCK!
The heat had caused the molecules to break down and start separating. I'm worried Alex is going to turn into some crazy scientist one day.....

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  1. Alex sounds like my husband when he was a kid, he used to try to mix ants nest to see if they fight and he painted the budgie because it was a boring blue colour.