Monday, 18 June 2012

monday moodswings

I thought I'd be proactive today and actually go up the town, after taking Jamie to school, and get some things down that I've been avoiding, like going into the bank to order a chequebook (all of a sudden everyone wants to be paid by cheque!) I also took Alex and Amelia to the library to get some new books and to pay my fine(again - one of the many pitfalls of having ADHD is that I NEVER remember to take library books back in time, actually, thats a little lie, I did manage it once, about 3 months ago).
Alex was being 'difficult' today, all started this morning and lasted all day, the town was a nightmare with him :( he was totally not interested in ANY books, or audio books, just kept moaning about how he wanted to get out of there, but I was trying to find some books on Ancient Greece for Jamie...finally got it together but when I started putting the books through the system, I got distracted, and suddenly realised that Amelia was missing, turned around just in time to see her going out the main doors and down the road!!!

ANYWAY........went into a few charity shops looking for juggling balls and equipment for possibly starting up a new juggling and circus skills workshop group(didn't find anything), spent most of the morning with Alex asking for everything under the sun and me having to say no - even though he'd got to spent his last £2 on some baby aliens in slime(again) and him having a tantrum and crying everytime I said no, kicking the pushchair and me........that wasn't much fun :(
I try to ignore the looks of everyone walking past but I hate people thinking I've just got a brat who needs a firm hand or something :(

Alex cheered up a bit when we got home, I guess he just wasn't in a 'being up the town' mood. He even emptied the dishwasher for me and helped clean the worktops down!

He read me a book, and then wanted to eat practically everything we had in the house..I've had to make a chart of his eating each day, he gets 7 items of 'snacky' type food, plus his main meals, and I've been marking them off on the chart, so he cant argue with me, because the chart never lies hehehe - otherwise I lose track of what he's eating and they'll be nothing left! but he was in a particulary 'snacking out' mood today and ate all his snacks by the time we picked Jamie up from school and was not impressed that he couldn't have anymore - more tantrums......hey! I've just realised that this blog can help me track Alex's moods and things, and I've also just noticed a link there between his mood and his eating habits....maybe he hadn't eaten enough at Nana's over the weekend because he was out of his usual routine, which left him extra hungry today and in a bit of a bad mood! I feel really bad now because he probably WAS really hungry rather than just bored like I thought he was!

After dinner we went to visit their Great Nan who's recently been put into a care home because she's got dementia, which is really sad, their other Great Nan is already in a home with dementia too. We went into the day room where there was 4 other people just sitting in their chairs watching tv but their faces lit up upon seeing Amelia, and one old guy even started clapping he was so pleased! the old folk took great pleasure in watching Alex and Amelia climbing on the chairs and chasing after eachother around the room, their Great Nan looked especially pleased to see them :) it was really nice and I think we really brightened up their evening :)

So that was a nice way to end the day, been a bit of a weird one today.

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