Tuesday, 26 June 2012

slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails....

Alex has gone completely mad for snails. He LOVES them. He tells me he loves them at least 5 times a day.
He decided on Sunday that he wanted to look at books about snails, and as we didn't have any at home, he agreed to go to the library monday morning to find some books on snails(yay!)
He still wanted to go on monday morning, and he got a book about snails and another couple of books about other insects(which is handy as I found out that it's National Insect Week this week!)

It was SO much better than our last library visit, because HE wanted to do it! HE wanted to find something out, rather than me saying to him " We're going to the library, you can choose some books" when he didn't have a reason to get a book.....I'm starting to suss him out!

So Yesterday Alex had been playing with snails most of the day, he even set up an assault course for his snail  in his bedroom. We bought a new, bigger tank for our African Land Snail, and I had to make a new lid out of some ply wood and Alex had a go at sawing for the first time - it really helped when I remembered he's actually left-handed! he actually sawed his own bit of wood with me just steadying his arm to stop him going wobbly. Good practice for when he makes his bird box for the RSPB wildlife action awards.

Alex is going to set up the old snail tank to keep his own garden snails, and other little creepy crawlies he wants to study. I have told him though that he can keep them for a few days, then he'll have to put them back into the garden because thats where they'll be happiest.

Today we went to craft club, Jamie came with us today and surprised me by not wanting to make anything, I think she was more nervous than she appeared, but she had fun playing with Amelia in the other room, playing in the garden and drawing on the big white board, we had a quick game of 'guess the movie' using pictures only. Alex decorated a shoebox with photos of wild animals. I was chuffed to see that Heather had got us some left-handed scissors and Alex was able to cut out all of his own pictures. I thought it looked pretty good...

He also got his dinosaur back from the pottery painting session the other week :)

I'm trying to encourage Alex to do more for himself, I think he's got into a bit of a habit of thinking he's not going to be able to do things and therefore not even trying in the first place. Today I encouraged him to clean out the old snail tank, dry it, put new coco peat in the bottom. He made a little house out of stones, and got a little dish for the water.  He pretty much did all of it himself :) the tank is now sitting outside full of woodlice!! I guess we'll be finding out all about woodlice too now :)

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