Sunday, 17 June 2012


I am so sore.
Yesterday we went on the train to Hitchin . It was Amelia's first time on a train having seen lots of them go past near our house. She really enjoyed it but got a bit scared when the loud fast trains went zipping past us while we waited at the platform, she does this really cute thing when something happens that she doesn't like - she shakes her head and says a definite "no".
Alex had loads of questions about the trains, it's his first time for ages on a train. Most of his questions were about how it all works, ie which way will the train come from? which tracks will it be on? how do we get to the otherside? We worked out how long we would have to wait for the train, and why we couldn't get on certain trains that stopped at the platform. He also used his own ticket to go through the turnstiles which I thought would confuse him, but he surprised me :)
After we'd been around the shops and bought a couple of sandwiches, we walked through st. Mary's church graveyard (which gave Alex the creeps- but he asked who was buried under a certain gravestone, I said there were two people buried in the same place, he asked why, I said because they were probably husband and wife and still wanted to be together after death-he mulled that one over for a bit) and found somewhere to eat and watched the swans and ducks along the river Hiz. After eating we followed the river and saw that it went under a road and out the otherside and then it disappeared under some buildings.(we'll have to find out were it pops out again)
Then we walked all the way to the top of Windmill Hill(a very big hill), I pushed Amelia in the pushchair all the way!(hence the soreness...) and Alex took great pleasure in roly polying ALL the way down, and having sensory issues like he has, meant he didn't even get dizzy!
After a quick wander through the Dell(I love it in there :)), we got the train back home, Alex talked quite a lot about how we do the journey in reverse - get on the other platform, and get off at the other one too.
I was quite surprised when a couple of young lads which I thought were up to something dodgy helped me carry the pushchair up all the stairs....but maybe they were rifling through the pushchair at the same,  i like to think they were just being helpful : /

Later on in the day, Jamie laughed as she told me how in assembly at school, when asked who was going on to the junior school over the road in september, EVERYBODY put their hand up except for her! I asked her how that made her feel, she said she thought it was funny! Even later on in bed, Jamie told me how she liked being different, which I'm quite proud of her for that, not at all succumbing to peer pressure :)

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