Saturday, 16 June 2012

Last day of half term

Right, so, I'm completely not ready for going back to school tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll blunder my way through it, and the next 5 - 6 weeks until the end of term and school FOREVER! (maybe)

Alex has been playing more on his own which has been quite interesting as it's been Jamie who's been hounding Alex to play! I'm not sure what Alex has been up to, he's been shutting himself away in his room, but I hear lots of crashing and bashing and excitement so I guess his toys are having fun, and when I go into his room, everything is all over the place...hmmm...I'm not impressed with that very much.

There's been lots of excitement today as we've just found out that we're going on holiday at the beginning of september to Wales. They've looked at maps of England and Wales, found out how long it will take to get there, what the terrain will be like there. They've had a 'going on holiday' party, wrote a song about the holiday, Jamie started writing a diary about how excited she is about going on holiday, and lists have been made of what they want to take with them. Jamie would like a printout of the journey so she can see what towns we will be traveling through to get there, she's drawn a picture of England and Wales, they've even started making a little film of how excited they are, and it's 11 weeks away yet!!

So that's a whole load of Geography, English, Art and Media at least!

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  1. Wow! we're going to Wales late summer too - my lot currently couldn't care less! :/