Wednesday, 29 August 2012

2 days to go....

There are two days until we go on holiday and our washing machine has packed up!
I've already got the childrens clothes all packed but left mine and Davids clothes til last to do :(

Nevermind, I'm sure it'll all be ok in the end.......

We are going to north Wales and today I booked tickets to go on the Snowdon mountain railway, which I'm really looking forward to - I would prefer to climb it properly but with a 2 year old, I think I'll just do that another time!

I'm trying really hard not to get stressed out about getting everything ready, but it's all down to me to do it all and my head isn't always screwed on properly!!

The last 3 days Alex and Jamie have been playing Skylanders! I'm not at all bothered because after all their fighting and bickering they've been doing, it's so lovely to see them working together as a team! They've been really working hard together, they've got to the last level, from starting from scratch again, in 3 days!

We also went and took advantage of the 'back to school' sales and bought a load of notebooks (proper paper ones)  and some colouring pens and they've doen some really good drawings of Skylanders, Jamies drawings have really improved in the last couple of weeks, I'll stick some pics on tomorrow, they've left their notebooks in the car and I really can't be bothered to go and get them right now!

Alex had his last speech therapy for this time and he can make all the sounds separately, but has difficulty combining sounds, especially consonants, not sure how much he'll be able to improve but I'll help him all I can.

I've decided to go ahead with the assessment for him in september, after talking to him about it, he seemed completely ok with it. Something made me sad though, earlier I was going through some of his speech therapy home work and i had to say a statement, and he had to tell me if it was true or not, like 'pigs can read', the last one was a bit of a fun, it was 'i am clever' and Alex said that it wasn't right and that he wasn't clever! I'm so sad that he doesn't think he's clever, from all of his difficulties it must get him down a fair bit.
Yesterday really made me see how it affects him too. We had two of Jamies friends round and went to the local museum which is closing down in two weeks. By the time we got there, Alex was not in a happy mood. I also had a bit of an argument with the lady at the reception! Alex, Jamie and her friends were looking at the little toys they have for sale by the counter, I gave them £1 to spend - they're only little toys - and they were looking at them to see what they wanted to buy - as you do- when the lady got all bothered and told me that the children mustn't 'play with the toys in case they get broken'! I just wasn't going to have that at all! Anyway...she was being very helpful after I explained in a very assertive way that they were only looking and had every right to look at them.
But Alex was complaining about EVERYTHING! He was really not having a good time :(
He was really depressed, everything he did was rubbish apparently, and he even brought up that Jamies picture she did last night was better than his, and this went on and on the whole time, and when I mentioned about a HE group that we supposed to be going to in the afternoon, he nearly started crying! So we gave it a miss, and after being home and playing Skylanders and going on the trampoline - and Jamies friends had gone home - he cheered up again. But I'm wondering if it was being with Jamie and her friends that got him down, i dont know, but I didn't realise he had such a low self-esteem, so i'll have to try and boost him up a bit.

Alex putting camouflaged creatures back in their hiding places at the museum

 Jamie doing some games on the museums computer, way too easy apparently...

Amelia playing with the crayons...nice builders bum Amelia!

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