Friday, 17 August 2012

cushion camps and lavender

Yay! its friday and my partner hasn't got to work this weekend!!!

We had such a lazy day today! I did think about going out......but it never actually happened.
I got all the sofa cushions off the sofa and after using them to make a mountain, an obstacle course and a hurdle, he made a big camp out of them. Then, after one of the dogs snuck in there while he wasn't looking, Alex said it stank of dog, so he went and got some lavender form the front garden and put some inside his camp to make it smell nice again. Then he decided to get some more lavender and rub it all over our rug and sofa, which I thought was a brilliant idea because having two dogs, a hamster and a toddler(nappies) and being allergic to all those horrible air freshners, the house can be a little wafty - I have just bought a reed diffuser after seeing it being recommended, hopefully it'll work!

Jamie has been writing a diary of all the things that she's been up to. It's interesting seeing the things that she remembers(she likes me to read it too). She said that she would like to learn to read music, which is something that we can do together, I know some from memory but have to work out the rest from the ones I know, so we can learn together. She's also shown quite a lot of interest in coins and the dates they were made and working out how old they are, I remember when I was little my mum used to have a little metal post box full of old coins, some from different countries, I used to love looking through them, it's funny how Jamie is doing a lot of the things that I did when I was young.

Jamies book came today, she's been reading this series of books called 'Something Wickedly Weird' by Chris Mould, she's read 3 from the library, and we ordered one from Amazon which arrived today, Jamie was so excited she took it straight upstairs and read the whole thing!

I've quite enjoyed my lazy day today, spent some time just messing around with the kids. I took the dogs out this evening, got blisters on my feet but it was a really nice walk.

I have no idea what we'll be doing this weekend, but it'll be nice to go out and do something together for once.

A word keeps creeping into my mind, a word that is GROWING slowly but surely, nipping at my toes.........

a l l o t m e n t

We haven't been there for AGES and I'm pretty sure the weeds are about 20 foot high now. I would love so much to get it sorted, but I just haven't got around to it this year, besides the fact that Amelia will be disappearing off to the far corner with Jamie and Alex looking for lizards in the compost heaps...she's still a little too young to watch out for brambles and stinging nettles. But I'd really like to get it sorted this autumn.

Anyway, I'm off to have a glass of wine - or two, and I'll be back sunday :)

Alex in his camp :)


  1. Oh its a plug in oil burner :)

  2. i thought they were african drums for moment lol....not sure if i like the idea of electric burners, especially since we already have a shortage of plug sockets!

  3. In some respects safer then Candles. Just an idea :)