Thursday, 9 August 2012

Another Hectic Day!

just a quickie tonight as I'm really tired, Alex and Jamie have only just gone off to bed because Jamie decided that she 'misses learning' and set about trying to find out as much as possible about insects. She and Alex drew pictures of bugs and Jamie got our book about insects we've got and started learning about silverfish and bristletails. They look quite weird, and they learned quite a few new words.

This morning we went to our step-grans house, I cut her grass and the children looked for bugs and played hide and seek and ate ice creams. Jamie spotted that the pigeon that was sitting on a nest in the apple tree last time had now been replaced by a very odd looking baby pigeon.

After leaving great step nans house, we grabbed some chips and went to the park to eat them. We had a quick game of basketball and Alex actually scored a basket!! Jamie wasn't impressed......

Then after Amelia had a little sleep, we met up with a friend at the local aqua park, it was really busy. We had a really good time though, we stayed for ages and at about 5.30pm, most people had gone off for dinner and we had another splash around. Jamie made 3 new friends :)

OK, I'm going to go and crash now, PHEW!!

p.s. I'm trying my hardest not to arrange to do ANYTHING with ANYBODY....I want a quiet week!!

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