Monday, 27 August 2012

Dungeons and Dragons and Skylanders.

Today was quite different from yesterday. Yesterday, Alex and Jamie were arguing a lot, Jamie was so obviously completely bored that she had resorted to trying to wind everyone up as much as possible. We couldn't even go out, well, we could've had a walk round the block, if we'd got our acts together, but I didn't have the car again(the same every weekend). I eventually suggested to Jamie that she do some maths, which she did! for a bit anyway. Alex was playing Skylanders a lot, he's completely sussed reading 4 figure numbers now.
For me, half of the day was spent sorting Alex's room out.....what a mess it was! again!!
Yeah, so yesterday wasn't much fun.
Today, when we still didn't have the car, Jamie and Alex haven't been fighting at all!! They've been playing together nicely!
Earlier, Alex found the Dungeons and Dragons game I bought from a charity shop about 2 years ago and we decided we'd have a go. It took ages for me to figure out how to play it, how to set it all up and sort all the cards out. I was sure Alex was going to get bored and go off and do something else, but he stuck with it, but we needed more players and Jamie wasn't in the mood. But I really think we'll have fun playing that in future, Alex loved all the spells and potions and baddies.
Also, Alex and I acted out the story 'Not Now Bernard'. It's one of Alex's favourite stories. That was quite good fun :)
It was Jamies turn to play Skylanders today, for most of the day.

I'm having a little dilemma at the moment. I've finally recieved an appointment for Alex's assessment for Aspergers at the CDC. But now I'm wondering whether to go through it or not. Since taking him out of school, most of his anxieties have disappeared and his confidence has grown. Part of me doesn't want to put him through it all, I'm worried that it'll make him think there's something wrong with him. But on the otherhand, I'm pretty sure, if he were to be put back into a school situation, he'd be back the way he was before, and maybe I'd be able to get some help in the future.
Hmmmm...I think I'll talk to Alex, see how he feels about it.

I have now got 4 days to get everything ready for the holiday!!! just starting to panic slightly.........

Also forget to mention that we thought Jamies Rabbit was going to die! on Friday she was not looking well, had stopped eating and rabbits stomachs just shut down when they stop eating, we were really worried about her, couldn't get an appointment friday, saturday morning she was still alive, thankfully, and Jamie and I took her to the vets, and after the vet checked her over, she was given an injection to get her stomach working again, and some pain killers. We actually met a home educating family in the waiting room, I can spot them a mile off now!! Anyway, yesterday, the rabbit - Fluffy, is back to her usual self! so glad, we've not had much luck with pets! Jamie was so grown up the whole time, really looked after Fluffy well.

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