Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Asthma, nature and speech therapy

Today didn't get off to a good start. I have asthma and my inhaler had run out the day before and during the night my asthma was bad, so in the morning I struggled to get the children ready, get to the doctors, wait for an emergency prescription, then get the children back into the car, get to the chemist, wait for my the time I was walking back to the car I was so worn out from trying to breathe I was dragging my feet. After I'd had my inhaler, although I could breathe a bit better, I felt completely wiped out.

Never-the-less I still had things to do. Jamies friend came over and we all went for a nature walk in Wymondly woods again. Keeping the same mind-set I had from taking Amelia swimming, I let them lead the way, let them go at their own pace, stopping whenever and wherever they wanted, I was in no rush and it was really nice and relaxing. We saw loads of water boatmen in the pond, a water beetle and some other little creatures creeping along the bottom, we decided that next time we'll do some pond dipping to have a closer look. There was some kind of bird of prey flying overhead, couldn't quite see it properly through the trees but we could hear it calling. The children made a little camp with some branches, did a lot of climbing and found lots of cinnabar caterpillars.
 Having fun in the woods

After dropping Jamies friend back off, we came home for some lunch then Jamie was back out again with another friend, her friends mum offered to have her because Alex has started having some speech therapy sessions again. During the session Alex was saying his two sounds very nicely, they were the ones that he'd been working on last time. He did everything that was asked of him, but he was really making me laugh because they use games to get him to say the sounds, and this time he was given some wooden building blocks to gradually build up a tower everytime he got a sound right, but Alex kept getting distracted with arranging his blocks in a nice shape or rows getting them ready to play the game! she also got pop-up-pirate out for one of the games and Alex was no longer bothered about saying the sounds right, he just made a mission of trying to get the pirate to pop up then screaming really loudly when it did! When it was time to go he insisted that he build a castle that exactly matched the picture on the box so the poor lady was waiting to go home - it'd already gone 15 over the time we were supposed to go - so I took a picture of the building for Alex so that we could pack it away and let the lady go home!

Then we went and bought some new DVD's as they were getting so fed up with the old ones, Amelia was tearing around the supermarket, she just wants to run all the time! Got back home and then I did all the dinner and clearing up and getting ready for bed routine and now I am SHATTERED!!! I was supposed to go swimming with a friend, but I think it would've quite possibly killed me!

I'm off, til next time.......


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  4. @Nick- i'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not!
    @Mollie, thanks for your comment :) but I dont use brethine and had never heard of that til now!
    @Higglepea, thanks! :) i'll check out your blog too x