Sunday, 5 August 2012

clearing out

I had another slight wobble again. I was getting stressed out thinking that I'm not doing enough with the kids. On top of the stress of continuing my massive clear up job of the house after I came off the rails with the whole end of school business, and then that week of summer we had......anyway, I feel like I can get back into it now, I don't have to worry about the kids, they are having fun, I don't need to be doing anything with them except help them achieve what they want to do. Jamie is getting school out of her system, Alex is having to adjust to his routine being changed. He's not sure if he's very happy at the moment, he is having fun, but I can tell that he's unsettled. I'm going to maybe have to help him get some of his old routines up and running again.

This weekend, my partner has been working again and I've been trying to sort out all of the piles of boxes and bags of stuff thats been accumulating over the years, especially because someone's coming to inspect the boiler tomorrow and loads of boxes were piled on front of it, so that's given me a boot up the bum to get it all sorted. I even sorted out the space under the stairs! got a tonne of kids clothes to get rid of and a car full of stuff to take to the dump :)

Jamie and Alex have been making camps, Alex still wants it to be christmas, he's got his own christmas tree in his room now. They went to see their great aunt and nana today, and I actually had some time to myself!! Alex did some more bug hunting, Jamie helped do some gardening. They bought back from their great Aunts a huge bag and jar full of 1p's,2p's and 5p's and they spent quite a while counting them all out, and Alex was weighing some on our scales. We watched some olympics, played hide and seek, Jamie made up a board game using moshi monster stickers, Alex set up shop again. They've been on their roller skates, playing on my guitar, in the paddling pool, and of course, lots of trampolining.

Saturday we went onto town when all the shops were closing. It was really nice and not very busy. We got some chips and sat at the benches to eat them. Jamie realised that she wanted some tomato sauce and I was surprised when her and Alex just walked 100 metres down the road back to the chip shop on their own to get some sauce! It must've been going to the park at grandads on their own has given them a bit of confidence!

I'm going to try and relax a bit now, doing this blog helps in lots of ways. It helps me to see what they have actually been doing, I know there's a whole load of other stuff they did but I just can't remember it now, my rubbish memory, but this blog also helps me to remember a bit more because I really have to think about it. It also helps to keep me focused on my children and what they're up to. for example, it didn't occur to me that I could try and get some of Alex's routines back for him until I sat down to do this blog, during the day and up until 9pm I'm rushing around all over the place, with no time to really think.

OK, that's it. I'm going to have some choccy!


  1. Just wanted to visit and wish you well for your home schooling and tell you to RELAX! Your children will be learning so much just from their everyday activities and the best way for you to enhance that is in a relaxed way. Home education cannot be achieved in a day - it is like a slow growing plant that needs gentle tending but also leaving alone sometimes! We found through our HE years how we became more relaxed over time yet still achieved the same amount. Now they're grown and flying away and there's no regrets - except perhaps I didn't take it easier at the time and enjoy it more! So thought I'd tell you that in case it helps. You might find some more comfort among our home school stories on my blog
    Meanwhile, best wishes.

  2. Thanks Ross :) I'm really trying to! think maybe I'm doing it wrong though lol I'll get there eventually, I think most of my problems come from the fact I don't get any breaks to myself, so I'm going to make sure I get my bit of 'me' time. My children go into shock whenever I say I'm doing anything without them! They'll have to get used to it :) And I do have a tendency do over-analise everything...thats just me though :), I'll check out your blog too!