Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday Funday

I am sooo unfit!

We went to the tennis courts this evening, we skipped dinner altogether, took some sarnies and snacks, roller skates, football, tennis rackets and Alex's skateboard and had loads of fun. Me and my partner are SO rubbish at tennis! Jamie had a go and after quite a few failed attempts she started getting the ball over the net and did really well. She's also doing really well on her roller skates too, all that wandering around the house in them has paid off and she can now roll along quite confidently.
Alex was doing well on his skateboard, getting the hang of it more, this has been his only chance to have a proper go on it. He also had a go at tennis, insisted on doing over the arm serving! He's not too bad :)
I've really wrenched my shoulder from roller skating, I was giving Alex a race to see who could get to the corner of the court first only I forgot I couldn't just stop easily, crashed into the fence at a funny angle pulling my shoulder out a bit, that gonna be sore tomorrow....
But I realised I want to be a lot fitter than I am, so I'm gonna have to start doing something. A friend of mine thinks I should join a local Roller Derby team.....I am seriously contemplating it, just wondering whether I can squeeze it into my already hectic life!

OK, here's a few of the other activities Alex and Jamie have been getting up to this weekend - they made their own bubble liquid out of shampoo and water, then decided to make bubble print paintings, which after using lots of paint and even food colouring it still didn't come out right for some reason.We went into town and I got some more books for them and a rocket and mini aeroplane kit, tested that out in the livingroom and lost one straight away. We went to the library, I just sat and let Jamie browse and Amelia run around, after moaning for a bit, Alex actually started looking at some books and chose some to take home, then they went into the adult non-fiction area and they chose a few books about rocks, fossils, minerals and gems. We've left Alex's fluffy owl there so we've gotta go back to get it tomorrow - I went racing back into town, running all over looking for it, got home and then phoned the library and it was there! why I didn't think to phone them first is a mystery..... We went into a supermarket and used their change machine thing, we had a whole load of coppers and 5 and 10p's given to us, we took a small amount of it and Jamie and Alex managed to get £4.30 each out of it, Alex bought some giant pirate balloons and a moshi monster build -it clay moshling thing, Jamie bought 2 my little pony blind bags. She got really annoyed when of them was one she had already got, I hope soon she will learn that they are a bit of a waste of money.
There's been a lot of camp building, playing with my guitar- I've actually learnt to play one song! it's really boring - Ode to Joy....but it's a start! Jamie has been making up songs on the guitar too.
Last night, Jamie went to bed to read her new book from the library and we were talking about a book I got for Amelia, it's a 'twinkle twinkle little star' book(Amelia has been trying to sing along to it), we were talking about the song and we came to the conclusion that the song may not be about a star, but about a baby, and I thought that was really nice, I'd not thought of it like that until then. Alex did some reading too! on his own, in his room!! Not even to get a sweet!!! Thats the first time thats happened! Alex had another party for his favorite toys, he made birthday cards and wrote in them himself.
They held a funeral for a dead worm today......
Talking of funerals, my grans funeral is tomorrow afternoon, I'm not really looking forward to that, it's the first family funeral for ages, and the closest family member I've known to die, it's going to be weird.

 The books I got

The little aeroplane and rocket kit
Jamies bubble mixture

The cabbage white eggs and tiny caterpillars
(as mentioned in a previous post)
Me, Jamie and Amelia in the distance messing around 
at the tennis courts
 There's been a whole loads of other stuff too but that's all I can remember at the moment :)

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