Tuesday, 21 August 2012

BATS!!! (also some of opinion based statements that you might not agree with - but this is my blog so there!)

A mega quickie tonight, we've not long got back from a late evening walk in the woods to watch loads of bats flying around! They are soooo cute!

Earlier we met up with a lady I met on a home ed forum, she's down visiting her mum and we met up and she is a lovely lady with 2 lovely children.(In fact all of the people I have met through home education have been such lovely people!) She is completely autonomous, not just with education but everything, and it's really interesting learning about the different approaches to bringing up a family, I think I'm on  my way to being completely autonomous, I don't know how far I'll actually go! But it made me think that all the home educating families have there own unique way of doing it, the way that suits them and their children, that makes me see another reason why home education works so well because at school it's not catered to the individual at all.

My friend also mentioned that she went to HESFES which is a week long festival for home ed families, and she said it was brilliant, and she said that she went into a area where there were lots of teenagers, and she was kind of expecting them to be full of attitude, but there was none! They were even all making sure the younger children were ok and had enough room. We talked about where this typical teenager attitude comes from and we both agreed that must have something to do with school and that your typical school kid gets to a point where they just want to rebel because they've been boxed in so much - I know, I was one of those typical teenagers!

I know there are tonnes of schooled children that are loved to bits by their families, I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about being held back, creatively and not being able to follow their own dreams because they're too busy following orders.

How different the world could be if all children were able to grow into proper happy free thinking individuals rather than constantly being told what to do and forced into trying to fit in somewhere.........

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