Friday, 24 August 2012

who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

The boredom is setting in. Not with me, with Alex and Jamie. In true autonomous style, I've been getting on with my own thing(mostly preparing for the holiday!) and letting them decide what they want to do, and they've been watching WAAAYYYY too much spongebob!! it really is on a lot! I've been really tempted to just walk in and turn it off! but I'm kind of doing an experiment to see what's going to happen, and they've started getting bored! When they say to me "I'm bored" I'll suggest things to them, but they don't want to do anything I suggest, it reminded me of the days when I had time to get bored and I sometimes felt bored but not necessarily wanted to do anything, it was a more of a restless feeling...I did even suggest they stop watching spongebob for a while, and they did for a bit, and they played outside, then about half an hour later, spongebob goes on again......

 I'm wondering if they are coming to a turning point, and soon they will get fed up with the TV.......please!!

I got two new books  I thought they might like, Usbourns lift the flap, inside the body, and how things work, but I think theres too many books in this house, Alex came over to see what was in the box when they arrived, all excited "whats inside mum?.......oh.....just books......." They are really nice books as well, maybe one day they'll have a look through them.

we went to my step nans house yesterday to do some gardening for her, and I've started noticing that I'm not having to tell them off recently, they've been really good! They even did some gardening too, wanted paying for it though! Jamie has been really grown up, she's being such a good big sister, and helping me out lots. She's been quite motherly to little Amelia, sometimes a bit too motherly, but it's quite sweet.

Jamie actually said yesterday that she doesn't feel like she's been learning anything lately. I explained to her that it was the summer holidays, and that her and Alex are getting used to eachother being all the time, and she also might need a bit of time to get used to not being at school, but she said that she wanted to learn science, so I said that when we get back from holiday, we'll start 'learning' again.

Alex has been doing ok, he still loves looking for bugs, he's been playing Skylanders again recently, and he loves collecting money and buying new power-ups and trying to figure out how much money he needs to get the power-ups, so it's all about numbers for him which he really likes. I'd love to get another game thats very number orientated, but not too obviously trying to teach him anything!

We went to a home ed meet-up yesterday, it was quite a good turn out really, I think there were at least 6 different families not including mine, it was really nice having a chat with them, if not brief as a lot of us had to keep rushing off after little ones! I'm not sure if any of the children actually got together because it was quite busy at the park they kind of got lost among the crowds. Soon it'll be all ours day...oh

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