Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Young and Old

ooh it's half 8 and i've sat down already! sounds too good to be true, I'm sure something is about to make me get up any second.....

Yesterday it was my Grans funeral. It was my partners first day off in about 2 months and we all went.
The service was really nice. I didn't really know my Gran that well, well, I didn't all the time I was growing up, then about a year before she became ill we started to talk to each other and was surprised to find that I had more in common with her than my mum! So I am quite sad that I didn't get chance to get to know her better. During the service the Lady spoke of what my Gran was like growing up and what she did during the war, how she met my Grandad(who died a few years ago) and all the things she was interested in. She said she went to Africa to the Ganges and how she loved the people there and how they lived. I wish I had known her.
During the service, Jamie was really grown up and was trying to make sure Amelia was quiet and that Alex was standing/sitting when he was supposed to. I explained to Alex before hand what was going to be happening, about the coffin etc. Halfway through a speech Alex said rather loudly "when are they going to open the box?" !!! that was quite erm....awkward...Amelia was being very happy and jolly, it was a weird mix between young and old, happiness and sadness all at once, I found it quite difficult. My mum got up to say a lovely poem, Amelia was amazed watching her.

Afterwards we went back to my grans/aunts house. My gran used to live in a big house on the farm and my aunts bungalow was built on the land, then a few years ago an articulated lorry crashed into my Grans house and while it was being rebuilt, my Gran and Grandad stayed at my aunts bungalow, but then my Grandad died and my Gran couldn't face going back into the big old house on her own, so she stayed with my aunt.
My aunt has horse riding stables there, I used to go horse riding every week for years when I was younger. Alex, Jamie and their cousin Milo had loads of fun jumping and climbing over the hay bales in the barn, we looked around the stables and saw the horses, and they played football and rugby in the field.  It was quite a nice day, and a bit of a relief for my mum I think.

Today I've been trying to take it easy after yesterday pottering around and saving myself for tomorrow which is going to be really busy, yep, I double booked again...

It has been a very creative day for Alex and Jamie, painting and sticking and glitter.

Jamie and her best friends
Alex's 2nd stripey triangle - this time with glitter
 Jamie's picture of Finn and Jake from 'Adventure time'
Alex's version of Finn and Jake, and the Snow King :)

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