Sunday, 19 August 2012


I spent all day today being HOT!
Didn't actually do anything, again, I'm not complaining though because it was nice just mooching around, paddling in the paddling pool, and trying to stay cool.

There was not a lot going on during the main part of the day, me and Alex went to the supermarket to grab a few bits, I couldn't help myself buy a couple of  English and Maths 7-9 year olds homework books, just in case the need arises...
We cashed up a BIG jar of coins that their nan had given us a few weeks ago, a few of them were returned because they were foreign, Jamie and Alex found them interesting, some from the Bahamas, Spain, Poland, Ireland and France.

We had a barbeque, I actually bought some chicken drumsticks to have with it, the first time I've bought meat for us since becoming 'mostly vegetarian', you know what? it wasn't as fantastic as I remembered. Amelia LOVED the corn on the cob! We tried some quorn burgers which were actually surprisingly nicer than beef burgers!

After eating, it was Jamie's idea to take crazy action photos of both of them jumping off the swing and doing somersaults on the trampoline :)

 This one looks like Alex is being beamed up by aliens!


Then after that Alex and Jamie played in the embers of the barbeque with sticks, Dad started the fire again with some cardboard and they messed around with the fire for a bit. When the fire was eventually put out, Jamie decided that she was going to make her own fire....luckily it was time for them to go in, but Jamie is quite determined to continue the fire building tomorrow.....

 I have no idea what I'm doing tomorrow,or the day after that, I'm sure theres stuff happening but I just cannot for the life of me remember, I forgot to take my evil focus pills today......... maybe I should go and actually buy a calender from somewhere!

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