Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Beavers is a hit! (at the moment...)

I'm shattered again! I've just got back from taking Alex to Beavers, it was the last one for the summer and it was also the leaders last day, (she'd been doing it for 14 years), so we all had a party in the woods! There was everything that Alex loves, woods, balloons, bubbles, cake and bugs! It was really good fun, Alex even ran off and played with the others when I was chatting to one of the leaders! He spotted some orange and black stripey caterpillars munching on some ragwort, I explained to Alex all about ragwort, how poisonous it is, and how the caterpillars would be poisonous because they eat it, I found out when I got home that they are Cinnabar moth caterpillars. I'll show Alex tomorrow, he's in bed now.
I'm REALLY chuffed Alex is going to Beavers :) After they handed out the badges to the other children, he asked why he didn't get any, he was told he has got some but he needs to be sworn in, in september, so I asked if he wanted to go back in september and he said yes.

Talking of caterpillars, I'm slightly worried about one of our ones. It had got itself already to pupate, hanging from the top, but then it fell down! and just lied there in it's 'j' shape. we checked on it before we left to take Jamie to school, then when we came back it had shed it's skin and looked more like a chrysalis, I'd love to have seen that happen! But it's not supposed to be on the floor of the cup, lying on the food, but it'll have to stay there until the others have pupated before I can move it. I hope it'll be OK.

Earlier, we went to watch Jamie do her Ocarina assembly, it was the her last one! I do feel a bit sad, I wonder if there's any Home Education groups that do choirs and concerts and that sort of thing? if not, I could maybe organise one or something, if Jamie wanted to do it, she probably doesn't, it's probably just me thats going to miss it! anyway, just another thought, I'm still trying to gather equipment for a juggling group.......
After the assembly we went to craft club. They were painting canvasses with their name on today, it was great seeing all the different designs. Amelia even got to have her first ever go at painting! Heather, the brilliant lady who runs the club helped her do some hand prints too :)

Alex painting his canvass

Amelias first try at painting!

I can't actually put any photos up at the moment because Amelia was chewing on my card reader and now unsuprisingly, it doesn't work :( but when I get a new one - a few days time :( - I'll stick the photos on.

Anyway, I'm tired, again, and there's a four finger Kitkat calling my name.........

p.s. I have to quickly add that Alex's good behavior went out the window this morning, he absolutely refused to get dressed, he waited untill we were 10 minutes late, and actually going out the house to suddenly decide he was going to get dressed and come with us (I wouldn't really leave without him!) and then I couldn't find any of his shoes and he reused to put his wellies on....anyway, I'm pretty sure it's because he knew we were going to the assembly. He said he was nervous. I think school stresses him out so much, even when he's not actually going to school!  Only 3 more days!!!!!!!!!

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