Sunday, 15 July 2012

more sorting and clearing..can't wait till it's all done!!

Ok, I'm going to try and be really quick here, I've had such a busy day again! I'm worn out and really wanted to watch a film tonight, I'm a bit gutted that I've spent the only sunny day for a while in a little north facing room, but I did get a well needed job done, hopefully they'll be some more sunny days before all the leaves fall off the trees....
This morning Jamie and Alex did some more painting, this time with the new gold and silver paint I bought the other day.

another fingerprint picture by Jamie

Jamie's butterfly

and another crazy one by Alex 
After this I decided that because David was working this morning and didn't get chance to take the dogs out, that the kids and I would take them for a walk round the block. It was only almost a complete nightmare, my two dogs are very energetic, David normally takes them out on his bike, with them running along side, so they were trying desperately to pull me along with the pushchair! I did think that I could get one of those buggy boards to stand on and get the dogs to pull me along, that would be so much fun! Obviously not with Amelia in the pushchair....
While we were having lunch I watched a programme that I've really got into for some reason - 'Secrets of our Streets', I just love seeing all the old film footage of everyday life back then and listening to the stories of the people who used to live there, and find it fascinating seeing how much it all changed. After that it was all just a crazy busy blurr, but this is what I can remember of Jamie and Alex's activities while I was clearing out Jamies room.
Lots of trampoline bouncing, some TV watching, Alex made a book - he copied a Gruffalo 'opposites' book after reading it to Amelia, Jamie went on the laptop again playing Moshi Monsters, Alex played more of his Kiddizone camara games, there was quite a bit of fooling around, more parties for someone, Alex got his skateboard out for the first time in ages and was going up and down in the livingroom, so I said I'd take him to the local skate park tomorrow with it (I'll have to find his knee/elbow pads!) if it's not raining that is - still haven't checked the weather. Alex had a bath, then had another one before bed.....he got so muddy running around the garden with no shoes on, and then after David had cut the grass he went green!! while I was nit-combing Jamies hair in the bath ( I just do it as a precaution these days - another thing I won't miss about school!) Jamie told me a story like she usually does. 
This time it was about a girl called Lillia, who was picked on at school, and was completely set up by a horrible girl called Emily, as a punishment she was given a billion pounds to go and buy eggs and things for a party that the horrible Emily and the teachers that punished her were having, but Lilia, decided to run away. She ran away for 5 years and finally her horrible parents tracked her down and chased her and chased her until some really nice people who had managed to record, with secret cameras, the event of when Lilia was set up.....and justice prevailed!
Oh and I had to sort out the worst baby pooing accident I have ever known.......I'd put Amelia to bed for her nap, I should've listened to her properly when she complained of something as I put her in her cot, but I thought she'd just got her foot caught in her dungarees, that are slightly too long for her........when she awoke 2 hours later, I could tell she'd done a number 2, so I took her downstairs, she walked around a bit and I could see her nappy falling out the bottom of her dungarees!....her nappy had fallen off (I use cloth nappies) probably before I'd put her in bed, and THEN she'd done a number had completely missed the nappy and was all on the inside of her dungarees!!! I had to clean her up and then try and get the dungarees off her without getting it all over her again!! Aaahh...just thought I'd share that with you guys ;)

Well that only took forever to write...I'm off to watch Aliens :)

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