Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lazy Sunday

I've been thinking again. I think when Jamie is homeschooling it's going to change a lot of things. I was really impressed with Jamies results of her SATs, she got a level 3 in all subjects! I showed the results to Jamie and she was SO chuffed with herself. It's really spurred us both on. Jamie said she wants to keep on learning more and more, and I would like to brush up as well, I didn't do very well in school, I gave up in secondry school, especially after trying really hard with maths and getting most of the answers wrong, the teachers didn't give me any help, they just went onto the next stage, which I inevitably got those wrong too, still no help, so what was the point :( And I really love maths, but have lost all confidence in myself for it. I was also let down in English too, and Art(another subject I loved and I'm quite good at)......and music, oh and I was really good at physics, but I didn't know I was good at it until I read my school report after I'd left school!
Anyway, I'd love to re-learn all of those subjects and this is a perfect opportunity to do so. Especially because at this rate, I can tell Jamie is going to be knowing more than me soon!!
There's a few things I want my children to learn, but as I'm unschooling, I have to tread carefully.
I'd like them to know their times tables. Even my brain switches off as soon as hear those words - BUT- it would be a handy tool to have. I suggested to Jamie and Alex that we learn them and I got an "OK" but they were not really listening properly I don't think, but I'll give it a try, Alex loves numbers and Jamie loves learning so it might work, but I wont be forcing it on them.
Another thing I'd like to do with them is read certain books, that I read to them - or we take it in turns reading. I think if they are just left to choose their own books, they may miss out on something amazing. Again, I wont be forcing it on them, but I'd like for them to give the book a try, if they don't get on with it, then I won't continue to read it, and find another book.
The other thing I would like Alex to do, is practice his handwriting. It's really gone downhill because he doesn't do very much writing at all and he's forgotten how to form certain letters, so when he does do any writing, he gets upset that he can't do it very well. So I said to him that I'd like him to practice some handwriting, I printed off some worksheets, and he said he would do it, whether he will or not is another thing. But if they're not interested in doing any of these things, I'll just leave it, and suggest it again in a few weeks or months time, it's no biggie.
As for today, we had an easy, lazy day. After yesterday's mega early start we needed it! We didn't even go and see the Olympic torch as it came through our town, none of us wanted to go, we were happy just messing around at home. Jamie has started to write her own book on the laptop, using a paint program we've got. The title of the book is - 'The Alien That Went To The Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!' with that many exclamation marks. We had a game of war with a pack of cards, and for once, Jamie didn't go ballistic when she didn't win, she wasn't happy about it, but didn't have a massive strop!- I only just won though! I also found our pack of Letterland flash cards which Amelia really enjoyed and she actually knows a couple of the sounds already!
Back to school tomorrow - and I've got 2 weeks to get the house all sorted!!!

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