Sunday, 22 July 2012

summer holidays!

Well, things are already completely not how I expected it! There was me thinking we were going to have the summer holidays, do a bit of deschooling, relax for a bit......nope, Jamie wants to get on with the learning straight away. She made up her own worksheets last night, even did one for Alex to do! She left them in her old homework folder on the windowsill for her to do in the morning! I asked her if she wanted to just have summer holidays first but she said no!
This morning while I was having my cup of tea, Jamie went online and found herself some printable maths worksheets and asked me to print them off for her. So caught completely off guard, I spent the morning printing more stuff off and sorted out four English assignments for her, all in her folder if and when she chooses to do it.

We actually had a sunny, dry weekend for a change and the children have spent most of the time in the garden, but on Saturday, we went up into town for the 'Fun Day', I forgot my wallet but I had £5.50 in my pocket so Alex and Jamie had to really think about how they were going to spend it. Jamie had 3 goes on a bouncy slide, Alex bought 2 lucky dip presents, they both had a go at 'Hook a Duck', and they got to sit inside a big fire engine! I tried Amelia on a little merry-go-round thing, but she started crying before it started!

 At home, they found young sparrows from our resident family in the big bush right next to our house, made up new games to play on the trampoline involving having three footballs on there with them and trying to keep them from falling off as they bounced. They dug up their little potato plants they planted earlier in the year, got a few little new potatoes which we had in our dinner, and Alex did another painting. I set the beach tent up in the garden earlier and Alex wanted to camp out there tonight but Jamie didn't want to, so because Alex was too scared to sleep out there by himself, I set it up in his bedroom! I'll set up the proper tent soon and sleep out there with him maybe :/

For me, I've been trying to relax, I'm not sure how long Jamie is going to want to carry on doing work, but I'm just going to go with whatever she wants to do, it's only been 3 days! I'm really going to enjoy this summer, and this week is going to be hot!!!

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