Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hot Hot Hot!

OK, I'm starting to see the light again, now. Today I had Jamie pleading with me to help her because she was bored, she got bored of watching her programmes on the television (thankfully, they were really getting on my nerves), she finds it too hot outside now, can only go out for a bit before having to come back in. Alex also has been at a loss of what to do, I think the sudden heat has been a bit of a shock to us!
But I realised, as I told Jamie that I couldn't help her because I was doing some housework, that I should really stop doing the housework and do something with her - I'm going to try and have an ealier night tonight, so I can get up earlier, and hopefully get the most of the housework done before boredom sets in.
So I got out our Origami set,which we hadn't used yet and gave it a go. We made some pretty good paper butterfly's. While I was helping Alex with his (he was finding it difficult), Jamie had made 3 all by herself.
After we had 5 of them made, I turned them into a little mobile :)

There were lots of water playing again today, the grass around the paddling pool has turned into something you'd usually see at a British festival, but I suppose I can just put some grass seed down...

Amelia has been perfecting her smiley faces, she can draw the face, the eyes, even the middle of the eyes, but can't figure out the mouth yet so they all get another eye as a mouth! She had a shower with me this morning! Jamie and Alex hate showers so I was really surprised when Amelia asked to get in with me, she loved it!

Amelia has gone happy face crazy...
I realise that there's not been very much recognisable learning happening this week, but I'm trying not to let it bother me, it's hot, it's the first week of the summer holidays, and it's OK that they just relax and have fun :)

Jamie and Alex were devising a 'Healthy Manual'. They worked out an exercise routine, and healthy food to eat, and Jamie said they are only allowed one chocolate button a day! She wrote it all down.

I'm going to have to go swimming soon, all this splashing around I've seen has really got me wanting to go to the outdoor pool. I used to spend all summer at the outdoor pool when I was young, didn't get to go there alt all last year and I love swimming! I've ordered a Swimfin for Alex as he can't swim yet, and of course neither can Amelia, Jamie can so hopefully we'll be OK if we stick to the shallows! I've even arranged for me to have wednesday evenings as MY evenings, think I might just have to go swimming next wednesday!

More water now, I'm off to run Jamies bath in!

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