Monday, 2 July 2012

Fun with coins

Today has been ok, Jamie was up and all ready for school about half an hour before we needed to leave! all because there's a new girl in her class today and she can't wait to be her friend! I hope it goes well for her today.
After grabbing a few bits from Sainsbury's (but not the bits I actually needed grrr!) we came back home and after a bit of messing around- watching Tree Fu Tom - Amelia LOVES Tree Fu Tom, we all do the moves along with Tom :) we had lunch, but while I was making lunch, Alex had set up a shop in his room and I bought a couple of books off of him. So then I said that I could set up a shop after lunch for him to buy things off of me, Alex agreed.
Alex also had a go at drawing a Range Rover from a Lego activity book, he found it quite difficult but I'm really pleased that he didn't give up and didn't get upset that it didn't look they way he really wanted it to look -

After lunch, I priced a few items which I new he'd like to buy, priced them all different, gave Alex a little pot of change, and he came and bought all of the items, counting out the money himself.
These are the things he bought -

Then he read a book to me, which was quite frustrating for me but I hid it well because he was so full of energy, and getting so excited about the story ('The Moon Jet' oxford reading tree) and had to demonstrate everything to me in the all the actions that were happening in the book by jumping and flipping over and crashing, that it took half an hour for him to read me the whole 16 page book. It was frustrating to begin with because in my set mind, I just wanted him to read the book, but to him it was more than just about reading the words, he took EVERYTHING in, which was also quite cool because he asked me lots of questions too. We discussed how big the moon is, what satellites are, how we receive our television channels, and also a big one, "why can't I talk properly?" so I started trying to explain dyspraxia to him, but I was obviously explaining it wrong or something because he decided to start talking about something else instead before I finished explaining. Or maybe he just wanted an easy answer and I just wasn't prepared for it!

While I was having my cup of tea, he started playing with his jar of money. He separated them into piles, a separate pile for each type of coin, then he lined them up and put them in ascending order in height, so they looked like stairs. Then he worked out the value of each pile and put them into order, Highest value first.

And then he got up and said "OK mummy, you can have a rest now" and went off to watch a film in his room! Here's a photo of  Amelia reading her favorite book, all about fossils and dinosaurs :)

Update : Jamie didn't get to play with the new girl in the end, but she did get to have a go at Judo! Her teacher said she was really good at it, which doesn't really surprise me, I've been trying to talk Jamie in to starting up some kind of martial art, but she still insists in not doing it, even though she practices it at home all the time :( She said she'd do it, if it was at home, but not in a classroom. Maybe I can teach them what I know of Tae kwon do?? hmmmmmmm...................*brain cogs turning...*

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