Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Just a quickie tonight. We went to visit grandad today.Grandad grows vegetables in his back garden and he loves showing the children all of the tasty fruit and veg, and letting them try some, Amelia particularly loved the peas - so did I, they were so sweet!  This time Alex also enjoyed seeing how many snails and bugs he could find and was chuffed to find a frog under some planks of wood. Grandad found a DK book on insects and said Alex could keep it. After a quick flick through, Alex discovered that they were not all from this country, so I helped him find some that were, and then we looked to see what type of habitat they lived in, to see whether grandads garden was one of them. There were a few, but Alex found mainly snails. Yep, snails abound...........
Grandad even went and got him a jar(oh no! not another jar!) so he could put the snails in to take home! great.
We had a good chat about home education, and I'm really surprised and really pleased that even though he's a very old fashioned man, he agreed with it all, even unschooling, he totally got that children learn better through living and doing things, rather than being stuck in a classroom all day everyday.( I hope I don't offend any parents that send their children to school, I understand that not everyone has the desire or are able to home educate their children, and that's totally up to you)
Anyway we had a nice time round grandads :)

 Amelia enjoying some tasty freshly picked peas

On the way home I finally remembered to take a photo of the lovely very old Oak tree near Grandads house. It is hollow and apparently has a girth of 6 metres, and it took 10 children holding hands to circle it! I love old trees, I'd love to know how old this one is :)

After we got home, as promised, although I was not happy about it, we took Jamie and everyone to Burger King. It was to celebrate her getting a good report, everyone else in her class had done something, and it's only because it's been so hectic that I hadn't got round to doing anything yet(feeling guilty though), so I asked Jamie what she wanted to do to celebrate, and she wanted to go to Burger King. I don't normally go to BK or McDonalds at all, but I suppose it's OK once in a while. All of them really enjoyed running around in the outside seating area, good job we were the only ones there!

OK thats it, I'm off to settle another argument between Alex and Jamie, I didn't think I'd be able to get to sit down for long!

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