Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rainy Saturdays and Reflections

This morning started for me hearing Jamie ask if she could get the paints out and do some painting. I thought I'd put some trust in them and let them get on with it. Her and Alex set about painting some more abstract pictures. They do seem to just do crazy designs rather than paint any particular thing, I'm wondering in Jamies case if that's because she's not been able to be properly creative like that at school? But anyway, I love their abstract designs.

Jamies fingerprint painting (and two other little things)

Alex's sparkly fingerprint painting

After the painting they decided they were going to have a party for their favorite cuddly toys, this is quite a common thing they do, this time they were going to put on a show and got all the musical instruments they could find, and started making a very loud noise. After this, Jamie played Moshi Monsters on the laptop and did the new mission again. Jamie is also completely obsessed with the film 'Monsters vs Aliens', we've had it a while, but for some reason she's just started watching it, over and over, and she keeps quoting bits from it, and laughing insanely to herself.
After I had got Amelia changed and breakfasted, I made a start on sorting Alex's room out. I have no idea how he gets his room into such a state, it's like a giant has picked his room up, given it a good shake, then put it back down again. I even sorted all of his jigsaw puzzles out. Alex was really crazy about puzzles a while ago, so he built up a huge collection of them that were all over the place. I wonder if he'll ever use them again.
While I was tidying, Alex was getting more and more boisterous, hiding in his wardrobe, falling out of his wardrobe, kicking his clothes everywhere, then he started chucking his coat hangers everywhere, this is when I decided enough was enough and asked him to put the hangers back. He decided he would try to put them back by throwing them up, which of course didn't work too well and he was getting more and more crazy, but he somehow got it together enough to get most of the hangers back on the rail. Then he went downstairs where Jamie was playing. A massive fight broke out, Jamie came charging upstairs hurling abuse at Alex. Jamie was playing with a huge pile of dinosaurs, and Alex came down and wanted to join in, Jamie said "No" that made Alex angry so he stole most of the dinosaurs and locked himself in the bathroom. 
Alex thought the whole thing was hilarious. 
I actually handled it better than I normally do. I normally get annoyed, I would've told Alex to give them back and told him to leave Jamie alone, but I decided I'd show them what they should've done. I took Alex by the hand and brought him over to where Jamie was with the dinosaurs. I said that Alex should say " can I play too?" and Jamie would've said "No, I want to play on my own", and instead of getting annoyed, Alex should say " well can I have some of the dinosaurs to play with on my own?" and Jamie should say "OK then" and then Jamie tells Alex which ones she doesn't mind letting Alex play with. After I went through it with them, Alex took his dinosaurs and played in the bathroom with them. Problem solved. I know I should've been teaching them things like this before, but it just dawned on me after hearing about a technique they use for autistic children to practice certain situations, like role playing. 
Later Alex played the games on his Kiddizoom camara, he's not been very good at playing video games but he really persevered and got better and better, I heard him running up the stairs shouting " I got to level 4, I got to level 4 mummy!!", so I was quite pleased for him.
Jamie went on the laptop and looked for clips of 'monsters vs aliens' ?? seems a bit bizarre to me, but she managed to find out the group name and the song title of one of the songs on the film by googling certain words, and searching on youtube. I thought that was quite cool, good searching! It was Aqua - roses are red, it's really annoying and she played it over and over, and made all of us come and listen to it at least 3 times each.....

It feels really weird to be taking Jamie out of school. I know I've been home educating Alex since november last year, but I've not been doing it properly because Jamie's still been at school, I've still been connected to school.(Also, I spent the first 4/5 months learning everything I could possibly learn about Aspergers and dyspraxia and ADHD). And it's a weird feeling thinking that I'm finally cutting off from it all. I've suddenly realised theres a couple of mums that I've become friends with that I wont see anymore, I'll be giving them my number, but I probably wont be seeing them anymore, well I hope I do, but I know how life is. But on the otherside, I can REALLY start to properly get into home education now, and it's going to be brilliant, we'll be completely free to do what we want, and have lots of fun!
I was asked to fill out a questionaire for the school the other day, one of the questions was - did I think I was informed regulary enough about their progress, P and T meetings termly etc..? I put that I didn't, that I wasn't told enough of how she was doing. I was just dropping her off in the morning, picking her up, I didn't have a clue how she was doing, and finding out how she was doing at the end of term just wasn't good enough for me. I want to have a part in her education, I want to see how she progress's, I want to see her when she figures out how to solve a new maths problem, and discover new Authors and Artists, and whatever, I want to learn with her. I don't need her to be having any type of problem in school to take her out, I just want her to be part of our family now, I want to get as close to her as I am to Alex now, and now I'll get that chance :)

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