Monday, 16 July 2012

It's Like Alex, But Not As We Know Him...

Alex has been amazing today! After dropping Jamie off at school (5 more days to go!!!) we had to go and get a few bits from the supermarket, and although Alex was throwing himself all over the place, he was helping get stuff of the shelves, he helped me get it onto the conveyor belt, pack it into bags, put the bags into the car, took the trolly back, and he even helped pack some shopping away. THEN, while I was making his lunch,  he tidied the table in the living room, swept the floor, and the stairs!!! this is all without me asking! He's been washing his hands without being asked, putting his hand over his mouth when he coughs, getting dressed without any trouble, he even had 2 baths in one day yesterday and didn't complain!! He's been totally different!

This morning before we left to get the shopping, he managed to squeeze in a bit of crazy creativeness....

 He did these paintings by splodging a few different colours of paint on a plate, laying a piece of paper on top, then using that to print onto some paper.

Alex noticed that our caterpillars are starting to act differently, hanging around at the top of the cup more and spinning a web up there, apparently this means they're getting ready to turn into chrysalids! We talked about when they are inside the cocoon, although it looks very still, there's loads going on inside as the caterpillar changes shape, it's really amazing when you think about it, Alex said he didn't want them to change, and wanted to stop them, but I explained that you can't stop them growing and changing, just like I can't stop him from getting bigger. Then we tried to imagine how the caterpillar actually changes, Alex did a brilliant impression of a transforming caterpillar!
After lunch, he got a jigsaw puzzle down (interesting how they've been up in his room for months, but it was only when I'd put them all up on his shelves properly that he remembered about them! - was that a type of strewing?) and started doing it on living room floor. It was quite a big one (150 pieces) with a big shark on it, he did really well for a while, but then started finding a bit too hard, and needed some help, then even with some help, he started to lose interest in it, then he turned himself into a machine and packed it all away.

Later on, Jamie's friend Cleo was coming home with us, we stopped by at the park on the way home - Alex did another amazing thing, and this won't seem like a big deal to anyone, but he actually went for a wee in the bushes!! all this time, when he's needed to go when we've been out walking the dogs or whatever, he's ended up having accidents because he is too scared to go behind a bush or something, buy today, he did it!! I wonder if I'm the only mum who's proud that her son has wee'd behind a bush?

Cleo came back to ours and the three of them played really nicely. They were all singing the Moshi monsters songs over and over quite a few times! When Cleos aunt came to pick her up, Cleos cousin asked if Alex could come round next time, Alex said he would, so thats another play date for him :)

Before Alex could go to bed, he had to plant some seeds that he got out of his apple that he had for dessert, not sure if they're going to grow or not, and Alex also spotted that one of the caterpillars is hanging upside down from the top of the cup in a 'j' shape! This means that it's getting ready to  pupate! AND...Alex looked in the other jar that has the other little caterpillar in, and started shouting "My caterpillar has had a baby!!" We were quite confused for a bit there until we realised that it wasn't a baby, it had shed it's skin.....

I am SOOO proud of Alex right now, he is doing so well in his confidence, he's a changed boy.
I don't know what has really happened to change him, but something must be right :)

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