Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ups and Downs

Urghh...what a day....it's been a bit of a hard slog today, not impressed with the dull, rainy day, and my partner keeps having to get home really late from work, and he's still been working all day at the weekends too, so we never see him :(

It took quite a while for us to get ready to go swimming this morning. I ran through the whole scenario a few times, making sure we had enough floats, towels, etc, I was feeling quite nervous, only because of how stressful it might be, but it just wasn't meant to be.
First of all after bundling everyone out carrying everything we got to the desk and their chip and pin machine was out of order, so we had go to all the way back to the car, drive to the supermarket, get some cash, come all the way back, get back in the queue, only to be told we can't go in because I can't have just one adult with 2 children under 8!!!!

So we were all very disappointed. We ended up going to Gambados which was really horribly busy and noisy, and expensive. But at least the children had about an hours worth of fun.....When we got home, Alex spent quite a lot of time in his room, I think after Gambados, he needed a bit of alone time.

Later on, we released our painted lady butterflys! Jamie and Alex both got to have one perch on their hand before flying off. They hang around in the garden for a bit before exploring further afield. What I thought was really cool, was the other day we saw a butterfly laying eggs on the underside of my cabbage I have growing at the top of our garden, and today when we went to have a look, we could see tiny green caterpillars on the leaves! So that was the complete cycle we witnessed :)

Alex found the pupa that didn't make it and he really wanted to cut it open to see what was inside, I wasn't too happy about this but I thought that if he wants to know, I should let him see. I ended up having to help him open it up(yuck) but there wasn't much to see inside, Alex seemed a bit sad, whether that was because he didn't want it to die, or because he didn't get to see much, I didn't have chance to ask him before he shot off on his next mission.

I got my guitar out today. I can't play it at all, but for some reason, after the 5 years I've had it, I decided to get it out and I'm determined to learn just one song on  it.  So I spent about an hour and a half trying to play 'Country road, take me home' I still sounded awful after that time! I learnt music on a piano, and a recorder, instruments where the scale goes up and down, the way it's supposed to! not zig-zagging, wrist snapping, finger breakingly! But I'm not going to give up, I've only got 4 chords to learn. Jamie loved the guitar, she helped me tune it by listening with me, and loved messing around with it and although she was holding it all wrong, she managed to make up a pretty good song with it, the song was all about how much she loves Amelia!  :) Alex had a quick go on it too, but Jamie couldn't stop interfering while he was trying to play! I do feel that Alex lives in Jamies shadow a bit, he'll get to have a go properly eventually.

 One of our butterfly's after it was released, it was quite satisfying seeing them
flying free :)


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