Monday, 9 July 2012

The dreaded Wobbles

AARRGHH!! What a day!
This morning we went into town. I had to go to the post office, the bank, and then the library. Alex was being VERY energetic again, non-stop talking, I got so hungry(forgot breakfast again) we stopped by at the cafe for a snack. Alex is completely mad, he had a milkshake, cereal and a slice of lemon! When he realised he couldn't eat the whole slice of lemon in one go, he wanted me to take the rest home with me, we had a bit of a discussion about that, then we left, Alex remembering his stash of snails that he'd hidden in the bushes outside the cafe.

Then we got trapped in the library! We got in there, started looking around, then about 50 babies and their mums turned up! My pushchair was completely blocked in, but it wasn't too bad because it was 'Baby Rhyme Time' and they were all singing nursery rhymes and Amelia loved it! Alex on the other hand was quite stressed out, and started acting up, but we couldn't leave, so it was quite stressful, Alex was on the brink most of the time.
We got home, it was lunchtime and I was completely worn out, my asthma is bad today because of the rain and humidity, and pushing a pushchair full of baby and books was tiring.

I've been wobbling at both ends today, and I don't mean my head and my bum, I mean about Jamie and Alex's education. I'll start with Alex. As I mentioned in my last blog, I wanted to try a couple of new things, so I tried Alex with his 3 times table. He said it 5 times as I'd asked him to, but he did struggle, he kept getting the numbers backwards and muddled up, was thinking that he might find it easier the more he does it? Then I said about him doing the handwriting sheet and some reading, he said he'd do it for 2 sweets( 1 for the handwriting, 1 for the reading) I thought that was fair enough. He got really cross with me whilst doing the handwriting, every time I corrected him he said "stop telling me what to do!" but he finished it OK, then he started reading the book (The Raft Race - oxford reading tree) He struggled SOOO much with it, it was so obvious that every inch of his body was fighting against it, he kept getting distracted by everything on the pages, kept getting muddled up, I could tell that he just wasn't in the right mood for it. I said to him that he didn't have to do it, a couple of times I just went to put the book away, but he insisted on carrying on. I almost suggested that he have the sweets anyway, but didn't want him to feel like he'd let himself down or something. So he carried on, and finished it. I'm wondering if he would still do it, if it wasn't for the sweets?

My other wobble is Jamie. I was thinking about her not going to school and was worrying that she might miss out on something. I think it must be last minute jitters, because after discussing it with some other lovely home schooling mums(one of them who was homeschooled herself!) I feel much more reassured. Yes, there will be things that she'll miss out on, but they're only little things, the pros of homeschooling far outweigh the cons.  Yes, she's doing brilliantly at school, imagine how well she'll do without any restictions? in her class, she learns things so quickly, then can't move on until the whole class has caught up. But being homeschooled, she'll be able to go at her own pace, and be REALLY good at the things she's interested in. Which is quite a lot really!
I think the only problems are going to come from me, whether I can get my act together and be able to enable them both, all three of them, to let them, whoever they are, flourish.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better than today, I messed up big time.....dinner was REALLY late and I forgot to give Alex a bath!

Oh and one last thing....I've had it with the snails in the house. Alex had stuffed a load of them into his pocket and one of them - which he says he thought was just an empty shell - was dead and gloopy, and the smelliest thing I've ever experienced. Even Alex was disgusted and thats really saying something!

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