Friday, 6 July 2012

An indoors day

It's been a very muggy couple of days here, I would really love to see a storm! but today it's just plain old raining again. I'm trying not to let it dampen my spirits.
Yesterday we went to Gambados (it's a big indoor play area) met up with some other home ed friends. It was really good to have a little chat and Alex almost played with one of the other children in the group-I saw him talking to her anyway, and he even went and played without Amelia after a while! It's slow progress but progress none-the-less.
After an hour and a half Alex came to me saying that he "felt weird" and then about 5 minutes later wanted to go, he did look very hot.
Nana came round in the afternoon and Alex showed her all of his snails and caterpillars, and his new tricks he can do on the trampoline, he's getting really good now, I did try to get him to have trampolining lessons, but he'll have none of it :(
I suggested earlier to Alex that we could find more empty snails shells and make a big snail collage out of them, he thought that was a brilliant idea, so now we've got a jar slowly filling up with empty snail shells.

After Jamie came home from school, she helped me make the cheese sauce for the macaroni cheese that we were having for dinner, she did a really good job of mixing the flour and melted butter, and then very carefully added the milk a little at a time while I stirred it all in. I was even more amazed when Alex ate it all at dinner time, he's not had it before!
Before dinner, Jamie and Alex were desperately trying to build a tree house in our Lilac trees, Alex was telling me how he was going to use sellotape to hold planks of wood to the branches! When I told them they'd have to use nails and a hammer and have my help(which I couldn't at the time as I was getting dinner out) they were really disappointed. I'll have to have a look and see if it's possible to make some kind of platform in the trees :)
Jamie had a complete meltdown after dinner, Her and Alex were fighting over whose 5p it was that she found under the swings, I knew it was Alex's because he dropped some out of his pocket in that same place earlier but Jamie went into meltdown and stormed off into her room. I think Jamie's behaviour recently is mostly due to her having a lot of broken sleep lately, she has insomnia too which really doesn't help, and neither does having to get her up in the morning to take her to school.(10 days to go!)
When Jamie went to bed, she made her own calender and added as many events as she could think of(as many as I could too). Alex was still feeling a bit weird, so after building a house out of Lego, he settled in bed quietly(for once!).
Tomorrow is a very exciting day, we have to get up REALLY early and get to Lee Valley. They are doing a test run of the Olympic canoe slalom events, using real crowds, and we've managed to get tickets to be in the audience! The Olympic torch is also going through there too, it should be a good day, especially if it's not raining! Afterwards, Tree Fu Tom is apparently coming to Hitchin! so we'll try and make it there too :)
Today, after taking Jamie to school, we had our shopping DELIVERED! yay! that was sooo much easier! :)
Alex did a brilliant job of helping bring it all into the house, and then amazingly, immediately found the bag that had all the chocolate and crisps in.
I was suffering from 'Alex-not-being-able-to-go-on-the-trampoline-because-it's-raining syndrome', he was just crashing and jumping and running all over the place, constantly! then, I was saved, he decided that he'd watch about 4 episodes of 'Andy's Wild Adventures'. He looked absolutely mezmorised seeing how the mother Cayman really gently picks up it's babies and then gently puts them in the water, and then even more gently, cracks open some unhatched babies into the water. Alex thought they were so cute :)
After lunch, Alex started playing Skylanders, which he hasn't played for AGES, while I cooked dinner. Alex actually learnt to read 4 figure numbers playing Skylanders, and to recognise which is the highest 3/4 figure number out of 2 to choose from, and he's also learning to work out how many more points he needs to get to a certain number, so I don't mind him playing it, theres loads of maths involved :)

Update: I got Jamies school report today, it was really good as usual, and also got her SAT results, she's on level three, above expectations for her age! Just think how well she'll do without school holding her back!

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