Thursday, 19 July 2012

One More Day.....

Jamie has just one day left of school.....forever! if she wants it to be forever that it is. I was thinking how lucky she is to have this opportunity. I can't imagine how it feels to know, that at age 7, not having to go to school ever again, and it being perfectly fine! Already her life, and Alex's has taken a big detour, I can almost hear the cogs and wheels of fate changing and turning. I feel that there's a different future set out for them now, hopefully of one more fulfilling, and more fun too.

I've never been so keen to start the summer holidays. It's been completely manic the last few months, with having to drag Alex and Amelia to and from school everyday, being tied down by timetables, and the constant paranoia that I've forgotten to fill in, or hand in a form, or there's some activity in school I need to be a part of as well as juggling Alex and Amelia's needs as well, school uniforms, and packed lunches, and HEAD LICE!!

I still had a few little worries about Jamie leaving school. First one was I was worried that she would miss being part of a team, a unit, she'd miss out on working together with other children, problem solving and discussion. Also, I was worried that she wouldn't get the opportunity to have any real independence from me, because I'd be there most of the time.
But she wants to join Beavers, and they've said she can! So that sorts all of that out right away! They are always going for weekend trips away camping, and do lots of team building activities! And they are such a nice bunch of people, adults and children alike.

My other worry was that she might lose her friends, but I've been completely reassured on that one too. Her two best friends live really close by, they can meet up whenever they want to(within reason!), and if their friendship is important to eachother, then it will last, if not, then she'll make new friends, it happens all the time, even if they are at school together.

So it's the last day tomorrow. All thank you's and goodbyes done more or less. Then we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief, and start relaxing!

I bought Jamie an Ocarina as a little present and she's been practicing all afternoon, she reminds me of me when I was her age(except I had a piano). Jamie also said that she would like me to use her old homework folder to put her days worksheets in and leave it on the windowsil at night, so that when she comes down in the morning, she can just get her worksheets out and start doing them! I also helped her work out how to do a multiplication sum in a colomn for the first time becuase she was doing a Moshi monsters quiz, she picked it up straight away. I really look forward to doing maths with her :)

Alex has been really good again today, spent most of his time playing imaginative role play type games with  his toys up in his room. He made his own egg mayonaise sandwich too, and played with Amelia lots.

The caterpillars have pupated, all except one little caterpillar which I've forgot to mention until now, who's not growing very big, he's still in the cup,hopefully he'll get bigger. The pupa's do this horrible wriggly thing if they are disturbed, it's like a weird alien thing....I can really see why it keeps predators away!

 Caterpillars in their 'J' shape, ready to pupate.....

chrysalides nice and safe in their hatching habitat :)
 (even the one that fell on the floor)


  1. That is wonderful. We hope to meet Jamie soon.

  2. Thanks Katherine, and I look forward to her meeting you guys too, hopefully she'll make some new friends :) xxx