Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Day of Surprises!

We had a much better day today! After my wobble yesterday, I've seen the light again. I think I was panicking about Alex not being able to write, and about being able to keep up with Jamies learning, but today I'm a lot calmer. The whole times table thing, think I'll give it a miss. I'll stick my little poster of the 3 and 4 times table I made up on the wall, and when I'm counting things for them, I'll count in 3's for a bit, but that's all I'm going to do. He'll learn it when and if he wants to.
Alex has been so good today, and lately he has been much better re- anxieties. He got himself all dressed and ready to go - shoes 'n 'all, by 8am this morning, without me having to ask him! He got into his bath with only minimal threat(by the time I counted to 2 he was on his way - MUCH better than before) He even washed himself!!!!! that's the first time EVER!!

He played with his baby doll for a bit today, changed her nappy, fed her, and put her on the swings. I thought that was really sweet. Then he made a very cool picture from using the newly sorted out doodle drawers -

He used glitter, paint, pastels and plasticine!

On the way home Alex and Jamie and Jamies friend went bug hunting in the little woods by the park. Jamie also told me that she met the teacher that would be teaching her if she went to year 3, she said she was really nice. Then I asked her if she'd like to go to school in september if she liked the teacher, she said no, she likes some of the things she does at school, and she likes the teachers, but she doesn't like the way school is. I can't argue with her there.

While I was getting dinner ready, Jamie all of a sudden decided she was going to start weighing loads of things on our scales, comparing the weights and recording the results. Her and Alex learnt how to read the scales, and work in half ounces and had to figure out which was was heaviest.

We had just sat down to eat dinner, at 6.30 exactly,and Dad had just walked in through the door from work, I suddenly remembered that it was Beavers! Starting at 6.30! Alex said "Lets go then" I was so surprised! even more surprised when Jamie said she wasn't going to go and he was still up for it! So I said "OK then, lets go now!" I'd only had one mouthful of my dinner and we shot out the door.
He didn't want to join in any of the team games, but he loved the clay modelling, and there was another boy just like Alex who didn't join in the team games either, so he wasn't the only one sitting on the side.

This is Alex's Owl he made :) it's so cute!

He was in such high spirits when we got home, he ate his dinner then got his pyjamas on without any problem - unlike usual, and went to bed!

I feel really happy tonight :)

Oh and my two books that I ordered arrived today, we should have some fun with these :)


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