Monday, 23 July 2012

sun, water and over-excitement :/

I could not get my brain in gear today! I was supposed to get out the house the early to go and get a paddling pool, but felt so wishy-washy, we didn't leave the house until 11.30! But we did get one, and I didn't realise how BIG it was until I got it out, it's huge! I haven't got a foot pump so I had to do it all myself and I very nearly passed out, sitting out there in the hot mid-day sun, and every time I blew, it made this tooting noise which shook my brain, that along with the light-headed-ness, when I got up to pick Amelia off the trampoline, I felt very weird!

Anyway, Alex and Jamie, and even Amelia had lots of fun in the pool all day, Jamie particularly enjoyed making rainbows with the hosepipe.

I took this opportunity to actually have a break myself, and sat in the garden and read my book, which was the first time in months! I'm glad I actually remembered what was going on in it!

Alex has been going a bit crazy today, it's been a bit stressful. I can see why there are going to be problems in the coming weeks as the three of them try to get on with each other with a new routine. Alex keeps following Jamie around, doesn't understand that Jamie might actually want to play on her own sometimes. They both love Amelia so much that they keep wanting her to play with them as so end up arguing over her and making her cry....I'm sure they will sort it out eventually, it's just going to take a while for them to figure it out, in the meantime I'm having to watch almost everything they do to sort things out when they get out of hand.

Jamie did start doing her English assignment this afternoon, a horror story using 3 new adjectives, it's really good so far :) hope she finishes it.

urghhhh...all three of them are crying now so I guess i'll be off to try and sort everything out......

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