Wednesday, 4 July 2012

creepy crawlies everywhere!

At last, I finally get to sit down! But for how long I wonder?.......
Alex's interest in snails is bordering on obsession. As we walked Jamie to school this morning(12 more days to go) Alex had about 8 snails all climbing up his arms, to the disgust of quite a few people. He can no longer go past a snail without picking it up and taking it home/to the shops/school/where-ever he's going. He had his pockets full of empty shells too. At least I've convinced him not to put anymore in his bug tank, he'd been letting them 'play' in the house and I keep finding them everywhere! He now leaves them under plant pots in the garden, no chance of growing anything decent in my garden this year then.

I started sorting out the doodle drawers today, they were overflowing with allsorts of bits of coloured, shiny, patterned and spotty paper, and bits and bobs for making things. And just as I thought(and hoped) Alex got inspired and made a picture - he wanted me to take a photograph with everything he used to make the picture.(I'm really sorry, I have no idea why it's sideways and I dont know how to make it right :( )

The afternoon was taken up with me having to go to the dentist again - hygienist this time, and thankfully I've been doing a good job and just had a clean and polish and was out of there, and like last time, Alex and Amelia waited downstairs and were really well behaved :)
Alex has been completely full of beans again, wearing me out with his millions of questions and never letting me finish answering him before going on to the next question!

Our caterpillars arrived today! It took a lot of convincing Alex that we don't need to feed them or take them out of the cup they came in. All of them are alive at the moment so it's going to be interesting seeing how they grow. Alex also found a very strange looking caterpillar outside today, guess what?? yep he wanted to keep it. Its now in a jar(not in the same as the other ones). Jamie found one of her escaped ladybird larvae on Alex's leg last night, so she's got that in a jar with some aphids. So we have a ladybird larvae, 6 caterpillars, 4 snails in the big tank - including the african land snail, several woodlice and snails in the bug tank and I don't know how many wondering around the house.........

Here's our Painted Lady caterpillars - they're tiny!

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