Thursday, 26 July 2012


Okie dokie, another quickie tonight, my partner needs the laptop(he got another customer tonight! eek!)

I'll fill you in on what happened today - not much - in tomorrows blog, but tonight I just wanted to stick in some photos,

this is whats happened to my grass because of extreme amounts of fun occuring with the paddling pool -

and look at the pool now!!-


This is Alex's finished painted owl he made at Beavers - 

how cute is that!

And here are some more happy faces Amelia draw on Alex's balloon :)

One last thing, we saw a hot air balloon going over past our house this evening and Amelia LOVED it! she loved it sooo much that she started crying loads when it went out of sight, so I found some clips on youtube of some taking off and flying around and she even learnt how to reply videos and she watched the same clip over and over saying 'ho ho ho' - her way of saying hot air balloon! I remembered once seeing them taking off at Fairlands in Stevenage once so I've emailed the company asking them for dates and times of when they do it, so we can come and watch.....hopefully they'll be nice and tell me, it would be brilliant to see it again :)

OK, thats it, byeee!

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